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What are the Health Benefits of Doing Planks?

what are the health benefits of doing planks
HWC Team
February25/ 2016

A plank is the form of exercise that is done when your body is stretched off the ground in a straight line. It is the best form of exercise that supports appropriate posture and expands the body balance. Planks are a form of body weight exercises that offers a good chance of better results in a short period of time.

Now days, most of the people are victims of back pain and vertebral column issues and by adopting the plank exercise on regular basis, we can keep our abdominal muscles, back and spinal cords strong and avoid injuries.

Practicing planks on daily basis definitely helps our body to remain fit and fine. Below mentioned are a few of the benefits that can be enjoyed from doing planks:

Strengthens the Core Muscles

The core muscles such as the transverse abdominis, the rectus abdominis, the external oblique muscle and the glutei’s are all strengthened with an ideal plank exercise.

Reduces the Risk of Injury in the Spinal Cord and Back

Executing planks on regular basis helps to strengthen the vertebral column muscles and reduces back pain and other kind of injuries in the spinal column. Planks are very effective for back pain.

Increases Metabolism

Planking helps to burn down calories in the body. In the present day scenario, most of the people spend time sitting and working on computers throughout the day with very less or no exercise. Hence, planking enables to increase the rate of metabolism with regular practice.

Significant Improvement in the Posture

By doing plank exercises, you attain the ability to maintain a proper posture to sit and stand correctly. The abdomen muscles together with that of the chest, neck, shoulders and back are strengthened to improve your posture. You can also test and improve your balance by doing a plank exercise by lifting your legs for one count and check for efficiency.

Upgrades your Overall Balance

Planks enable to strengthen your abdominal muscles. As a result of which you get boosted up with all kinds of sports activities. Planks improve your overall body balance.

Helps you to become more Flexible

Doing planks regularly expands all the posterior muscles and stretches your toes, hamstrings and feet arches. You will notice that it becomes beneficial as it will support the body weight as well.

Improvement in Mood

Doing planks helps you to keep calm, treat worries and depressions in your daily lives. Practicing the exercise daily will provide you a soothing effect in mind and health.

Helps to Overcome Osteoporosis

The risk of osteoporosis and broken bones can be healed or fought by the practice of planks. Always keep in mind to take good care of your bones through regular exercise.

Can be Practiced Anywhere and Anytime

Doing planks does not demand any other requirements as going to gyms. We are free to do the exercise at any places and at any comfortable times. There is no expense to it. The only factor required for doing planks is the will to practice it on regular basis for best results.

Planking has become very popular as it engages various muscle groups to move and activate. Regular practice of planks will enable your muscles to grow strong and prevent pain and injuries.

HWC Team

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