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6 Proven and Effective Home Remedies for Sciatica Pain

Proven and effective home remedies for sciatica pain
HWC Team
December18/ 2015

Sciatica is a pain which is caused due to the irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve.  This pain usually affects only one part of the body and is usually severe and debilitating.  It usually extends from the lower back to the rear part of the thigh and goes until the leg.

Some of the symptoms which come with this kind of pain are tingling or burning sensation in the leg, shooting pain which may make sitting down or standing up difficult, weakness and numbness down the leg and even the toes. To find a relief from this kind of pain, there are many proven home remedies that one can try. The following are some of the best ones:

1. White Willow Bark

this natural remedy can provide you long lasting relief since it contains phenolic glycosides with salicin. This bark has analgesic and anti inflammatory properties and its supplements can be taken every week. But before taking it, you must consult your doctor first.

2. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds can also help to reduce and cure sciatica pain as it has anti inflammatory properties. It also helps to soothe gout pains and arthritis due to these properties.  To use it, grind a handful of these seeds, boil it with enough milk to get a paste and then apply it on the part which is aching.  Leave it for a few hours before rinsing it off and repeat every day until you find complete relief.

3. Healthy Diet

Another way to treat this pain at home through a natural method is to concentrate on eating a healthy diet. A healthy diet improves the ability of the body to heal by boosting the immunity system. One must drink citrus fruit juices and eat citrus fruits like lime juice because the vitamin C content in them can reduce swelling around the sciatic nerve.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric has strong anti inflammatory properties due to the presence of curcumin which acts as a natural remedy for sciatica pain. This compound curcumin can reduce the inflammation and hence the nerve pain. To use turmeric, you can add 1 teaspoon of it to 1 cup of milk and boil the mixture to make a healthy drink.  Drink this mixed with honey once or twice a day to find relief.

5. Hot or Cold Compress

Heat can relax the tense muscles which may be compressing the sciatica nerve and on the other hand, cold treatment can reduce the swelling around the nerve and can also help to numb the pain. You can use alternative hot and cold treatments and place hot or cold packs for not more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time.

6. Massage

Massage therapy at home also works as an effective way to cure sciatica pain. Massage can improve the blood circulation and hence release tension and provide relief from the pain.  You can massage the affected area with natural oil for a few minutes, 2 to 3 times every day till you find relief.

HWC Team

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