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All you Need to Know about Jala Neti

all you need to know about jala neti
HWC Team
October28/ 2015

Jala neti is one of the six processes of purification that are advised by the Hatha Yoga tradition. When you inhale, a lot of airborne unclean particles enter your nose and clog down your nasal cavities. Over a period of time this becomes more than a minor irritant and leads to headaches, various types of infections, clogged nose and other issues. In order to clean the internal tracts of your nose, jala neti is great technique.

Many people suffer from nasal problems such as sinusitis, polyp etc and not too many medicines are effective in getting relief. However, if you suffer from these it might be a good option to try the jala neti process. This is a yogic technique to keep your nasal tract clean and also getting rid of your sinus problem.

All About Jala Neti Process

Ingredients to do Jala Neti

Jala neti is a simple procedure and all you need is a Neti pot that is a small pot with a spout on one side that can go inside your nostrils, some salt and water. These pots are made of copper, stainless steel, ceramic or even plastic. However, it is better to use stainless steel one as they are more durable, hygienic, and easy to carry with you among other things. These pots are easily available at medical stores that sell Yogic products, or you can also buy them online. Add one teaspoon of salt to a liter of warm water. Do not use too hot water, as they might irritate the inner parts of your nose.

Advantages of Jala Neti

There are several benefits of jala neti. Here are a few important ones-

  • The process cleanses the inner side of your nose and nasal tracts and removes the dirt as well as mucus containing bacteria.
  • By cleaning the inner parts of the nose, it makes sure that it is easier to breathe through the nose, and thus reduces mouth breathing to a considerable extent. This helps the patients of asthma, and bronchitis in particular.
  • It cleans the sinus cavities and clean nasal cavities signify a reduced chance of diseases such as sinusitis, hayfever, migraine, different types of allergies, along with problems of upper respiratory system, such as sore throats, coughs, tonsil inflammation etc.
  • The process not only ensures a clear nasal tract but it also improves the vision cleaning the eye ducts.
  • Jala neti also has a very positive influence on the brain that is by cooling the brain down it can help in reducing chances of headaches, epilepsy, flared tempers, depression and in general lowers the amount of mental tension.
  • Certain types of problems of the ear can also be cured by jala neti.

There are other benefits of the system too, especially when it comes to spiritual and mental health of individuals. This process can also be done with milk, which is called Dugdha Neti.

HWC Team

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