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Is Jogging Bad for your Health?

HWC Team
August17/ 2015

Does jogging pose a threat to your health? Do you need to limit your jogging? A lot of studies and tests are conducted to determine the ideal time of exercise for adult men to be healthy. Few found that doing exercise rigorously can shorten your life by 12 years, while, others contradict to the statement by saying that vigorous running is considered more beneficial than a sedentary jog. So, what to believe is the biggest concern for many. Keep reading to find out what exactly jogging does.


Jogging is a causal exercise and this degree of physical action has been proven to lower your testosterone levels. This will affect your performance in the bedroom and deficit of this hormone can slow muscle recovery and lower down your energy levels. Hormones regulate the physiology and behavior and an imbalance can affect respiration to digestion, metabolism and sensory perception.

Researchers at Laval University in Québec proved that intense exercise lasting for short sessions can work best for maintaining testosterone at ideal levels. However, vigorous exercise can affect your body in adverse ways, so it is better to limit it.

The Immune System

Dr. Zen P. Lin of the Mingdao University, Taiwan, published a report in which it was proved that extended sessions of leisure exercise could be harmful to one’s health. As per his study, jogging not only affect your testosterone levels but also lowers the defending power of immune system.

The study showed that shorter runs can boost your immune system, whereas, exercising for long hours can result in temporary depression of various aspects of immune function. Therefore, people who jog for longer period than the recommended two to three hours a week are more vulnerable to contagious diseases and illness.

But, professional athletes are exempted from the list and for an average person who does not weigh out everything they eat must avoid excessive jogging since it can harm your insides.

Physical Concerns

Continuous repetition of flawed walk may put unwanted pressure on blood vessels or misplace weight on joints. ‘Runner’s knee’ is a common problem that most amateur joggers face. This is associated with cartilage breakage and diminishes your body’s natural shock absorption and weakens your key points. This condition will become worse and when pursued consistently may result in chronic pain attacks and permanent damage.

The Bottom Line

Running or jogging cannot be considered as unhealthy since this exercise can ultimately benefit you. Though you build muscles and improve your cardio performance, there are many small-scale factors that are damaging. And, joint erosion, weaker immune system and low testosterone levels can contribute to major health concerns. So, we need to do it moderately.

HWC Team

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