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New Motor Control Exercise can Reduce Back Pain

motor exercise for backpain
HWC Team
January09/ 2016

New study has found that an exercise program designed to boost co-ordination of muscles that control and support the spine can treat back pain.

The program is termed as motor control exercise which begins with patients practicing normal use of these muscles by involving in simple tasks, under guidance of a therapist or expert. The exercises include activities that patients do during work or recreation.

Researchers taken data from 29 clinical trials, which has taken a look over 2,400 people, aged 22 to 55 with lower back pain. The trials compared motor control exercise with other types of exercises.

Patients who did motor control exercise had greater improvement with less pain and disability.

Experts opined that targeting the strength and co-ordination of muscles supporting the spine through motor control exercise provides an alternative approach to treat back pain. They said that the program is as effective as other types of exercise, so various factors should be taken into account such as patient or therapist preferences, availability and cost of the treatment.

Apparently, they said more research will be conducted in the field so that parents can make more informed choices about persisting with treatment.

HWC Team

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