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Best Plans that Works to Cut Down your Belly Fat

best plans that works to cut down on your belly fat
HWC Team
March08/ 2016

A change in lifestyle can help you to lose the much disgusting belly fat and healthy weight can also be maintained once you follow a comprehensive diet plan. It is important to follow some rules of the plan that should be maintained when going for such food pattern:

  • Do not skip meals: Skipping meals will only increase your hunger and by eating fast you end up eating more.
  • An active lifestyle: A minimum of 10,000 steps a day is absolutely essential.
  • Plenty of water intake: When you are hydrated your energy levels are always at the peak. So if you manage to drink around 10 glasses of water a day, the food intake is also less.

Plan 1

Kick the day with lukewarm water mixed with honey and lemon juice and after a while around half an hour later can have some biscuits with tea or coffee. The breakfast could be poha preferably without potatoes or a couple of chapattis with some vegetable/1 egg omelette.

The mid day meal after two hours can be plain Marie biscuits and or non-buttered popcorn.  You can eat lunch again after two hours with chapattis, little rice, vegetables and lot of salad. You can have some fruits again after a couple of hours. If you go to the gym in the evening make sure you have a banana before and a chocolate milk shake without sugar after the exercise. The dinner should comprise of sandwich made with cucumber and tomatoes along with boiled chicken/ eggs/ soya/tofu.

Plan 2

Eat at an interval of three to four hours without fail. Start the day with a nutritious breakfast around 7 AM with cereals and dry fruits. After every three hours eat a fruit. Lunch can be taken around 1 pm with rice/roti with some vegetable curry, dal and chicken if you are a non-vegetarian. The dinner should be rich with protein but keep it light. Keeping the diet simple with a regular dose of exercise should be helpful.

Plan 3

A five day plan is difficult to follow but extremely beneficial.

Day 1

On the first day you are allowed any kind of fruits except bananas. The melon family is highly advisable, like water melon. They are zero calories with a very high water percentage. You remain active and hydrated throughout the day.

Day 2

The second day belongs to all kinds of vegetables which is available in ample amount throughout all seasons. The morning of this day could be a plate of fresh green salad. The guard family vegetables can be included in the lunch and dinner menu along as well as in the evening snack.

Day 3

This is a day to look forward to when you can take a dash of carbohydrate with either a boiled potato or a dash of butter. This day’s me nu is supposed to be a right mix day 1 and 2 after a delicious beginning.

Day 4

Banana and milk are the key foods of this day and is supposed to be a super energy plan. Today you are supposed to have eight bananas and four glasses of milk.

Day 5

The fifth day is a day of liberty when you get to eat all the tasty yet healthy combinations of the Indian menu starting from paneer, soya, tomatoes or whatever.

So all in all, remember to cut down on toxic food, never miss your breakfast and don’t eat anything after 8 PM.

HWC Team

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