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Want Fitness-10 Damn Good Tips to Burn Fat & Be Fit

want fitness 10 damn good tips to burn fat & be fit
HWC Team
June05/ 2015

With hectic schedules and bad habits, it’s no longer easy for everyone to be fit and healthy. High stress levels, lack of proper sleep and excess alcohol consumption will make it harder for most people to reach their fitness goals. This increases your risk factors and opens avenues for chronic disorders such as cancer and heart diseases.

So, being fit can be challenging these days. One source says one thing while the other says something. That’s why; we have compiled a list of 10 potent rules that keeps you healthy, fit and stronger for rest of the life. These rules will not only keep you healthy but also help you combat your health disorders.

Rule 1: Ditch the Noise

It’s obvious that negative thoughts runs through most people’s minds. One needs to evict these thoughts to get rid of mental pressure. Ooze out your negative thoughts to discern and knock out disruptive mental static. Rather, focus more on positive thinking.

Rule 2: Figure out What Really Matters

You should be very clear about what you want. Find out whether you want to lower your blood pressure or slim down or just want to feel better. Determining your personal as well as emotional reasons is very important to retain inner motivation for a longer period.

Rule 3: Try again and again, Every Second Counts

Start everyday with a goal. Focus on what you really want and try hard to do whatever it keeps you stay on track. No matter, whether you get up an hour early or do work-outs, your efforts should realize your end-goal. Commit yourself and concentrate on whatever you are doing, one day or other you will definitely achieve it.

Rule 4: Set Goals

Setting daily goals and a plan of action that inks with your long-term objectives would be always better. Knowing what path you are on helps you to oust distractions and self-defeating habits from your life.

Rule 5: Get your Future Image

Having a picture of how you want to look in the future helps you achieve your goals at a faster pace. Visualizing your future image paints a picture in your brain, which works as a road map and help you how to get there easily.

Rule 6: Bump off Food Choices

Quesadilla or a Grilled salmon? Chocolate croissant or oats? What to have? These sorts of decisions will possibly end up your will power. Making too many food choices can be overwhelming too. Planning your meals in advance can help you stay healthy and fit.

Rule 7: Don’t give up

Skipping your work-outs and other activities like I’ll have ice cream today and be on track tomorrow can take you off the course. Any sort of loafing will keep you out of the track. It is better to stick the path without making any excuses.

Rule 8: Go with the Flow

Things won’t work out exactly as planned always. You need to adjust yourself under pressure and should go with the flow. For instance, if your boy friend plans to take you out for dinner, embrace it rather than freaking out that you’re off the plan.

Rule 9: Believe it, Become it

It’s so simple! Believe completely whatever you do, and then you can see drastic changes take place in your life. Don’t think negatively; let the negative thoughts float away. Make sure that you have control over your thoughts, they don’t have over you.

Rule 10: Celebrate your Success

Jumping for joy will boost your motivation and gives a right push that keeps yourself going all the way. Appreciate your milestones and give yourself regular rewards to make your journey more interesting.

So, come on! Get started off right away. Follow and see how these rules can bring a drastic difference in your life.

HWC Team

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