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3 Tips for Managing Stress to Improve Digestion in Only 7 Days

3 Tips for Managing Stress to Improve Digestion in Only 7 Days
Dr. Nikhila Chilupuri
Dr. Nikhila Chilupuri
March28/ 2018

Changes in our psychological state, such as feeling scared or anxious, can lead to problems in the gut. Ever needed to do a major presentation or take an imperative test and experienced indigestion or loose bowels as a result? That is the brain and the gut in communication.

Changes in our gut microbiota and changes in our intestinal penetrability can influence our psychological state, causing depression and anxiety. Most of us are aware of the effect, stress can have on our nervous system, but not many few of us welcome the effect that pressure can have on our digestive system.

Stress causes a characteristic physiological (chemical) reaction in the body with the core purpose of keeping us alive.

Truth be told, this “fight or flight” chemical reaction used to save our ancestors consistently while they roamed the earth avoiding Saber-Tooth Tigers and Wooly Mammoths.

During stress, the Adrenal Glands release the “stress hormones” cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. These hormones put our body into a state of “Flight or Fight,” which was great for our ancestors. It gave them a short burst of increased awareness and the energy to stay alive regardless of what danger they were up against.

Most of the stress we experience in today’s world is the chronic form; things like not getting enough rest, going to work, family problems, medical problems, not having enough cash and shockingly, the body can’t recognize threat levels like our government.

Our body reacts with a “code red” and activates the “Fight or Flight” reaction simply like it’s programmed.

So physiologically, when you take off of the bed, your body is acting like you’re running from saber-tooth tigers throughout the day. It’s simply not good for us.

Chronic stress keeps cortisol levels high and drastically alters the body’s natural 24-hour cortisol rhythm that rises and falls for the duration of the day.

High Cortisol Levels Causes:

  • Causes hormone imbalance
  • Raises blood sugar
  • Suppresses Immune function and healing
  • Promotes leaky gut syndrome
  • Increases depression and anxiety
  • Altered digestive motility processes

Chronic stress really messes your bodies. Especially the digestive system.

Properly managing stress can help you improve your digestion. Focus on managing stress in your life. So you can continue working on controlling stress and the digestive system keeping you from living symptom-free life.

In any case, managing stress and digestion is tricky.

Here are three tips for managing stress to improve digestion. Pick one of these three things and test it for the next seven days.

Quit the news:

Stopping reading, watching and getting sucked into the news. Try it for 7 days and see how you feel.

Try not to stress, Don’t worry you’ll find what’s happening on the world from your friends and co-workers without being exposed to the negativity and stress that you’ll find on the news most days.

Doing only that one thing for the following 7 days will dramatically affect the stress you feel throughout the day.


Practice meditation throughout the years that it reduces the stress. But it was more indirect than that. Meditation increases awareness of the present moment and allowed to experience more joy in everyday life.

Cultivate your social life:

Staying cooped up in the house can really make you sickerand increase the effect stress has on your body. Social support appeared to play a key role in moderating the impacts of pain, functional limitation and even depression regarding the subject’s quality of life. Social interactions buffer against stress and they promote wound healing. And the data infers that social isolation impairs wound healing.

So how does your social life tie into the majority of this?

It has everything tied to the Oxytocin that gets released in response to both physical contact and social behavior. Oxytocin can suppress your body’s response to stress. It improves your immune system and your capacity to heal because it reduces the effect of cortisol during “Fight or Flight” stress response, which is significant during the inflammatory stage of healing.

So, the takeaway point here is; Get out of the house and have a great time with loved ones. Will it help you to manage stress, as well as it will help you to heal your digestive problems.

Managing Stress is just as important as diet:

If you want to heal your gut and control the symptoms of the digestive disease, you need to learn how to manage the stress in your life.

Stress will undermine all the work you’re doing following the specific carbohydrate diet and using supplementation to take control of your health.

Make stress management similarly as essential as other areas you’re working on.

Dr. Nikhila Chilupuri
Dr. Nikhila Chilupuri

Dr. Nikhila Chilupuri is Hyderabad based Medical Reviewer, Graduated in Pharma-D. She Currently Works as a Content Writer for Xpedient Digital Media. One of the popular author and researcher in the Healthcare area. Her Experience includes Writing articles on different sectors of Healthcare.

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