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Top Reasons not to Exercise after Eating

top reasons why you shouldnt exercise after eating
HWC Team
March02/ 2016

There are many things which affect your exercise routine and your exercise timings. Infact your dietary and nutritional habits can have a big impact on the effectiveness of your exercise regime as well. What you eat and when you eat it are some of the main factors which you must keep in mind to gain maximum out of your workout.

Eating too soon before your exercise routine can be counterproductive to your objectives. There are many reasons why you should not exercise after eating and they are given as follows:

  • What happens when you exercise on a full stomach is that the muscles producing movements have an impact on your heart for extra blood. This proves to be harmful for your heart and your heart beat.
  • When you are at a resting position, then only about 15 to 20 percent of your circulating blood has an impact on your skeletal muscles but when you are exercising, this percentage increases to about 80 percent. Thus to keep up with this change, the body dilates and constricts your blood vessels. Thus the blood that goes to certain organs gets limited. This is another reason why exercising right after having a meal or being full stomach can be a big negative.
  • If you eat straight before exercise, your digestive organs and your skeletal muscles tend to fight for blood flow and this in turn makes it difficult for you to perform exercises. It is not only discomforting but also interferes with many high exertion workout sessions.
  • Another reason why you shouldn’t exercise after eating is because this can inhibit the ability of your body to make use of fat for energy during the physical exertion. But it is important to remember that exercising with minimal or less amount of food inside of your stomach tends to be the perfect combination of hormones inside the body. Your body tends to release adrenaline and suppresses insulin.  When insulin gets suppressed your muscles use more of fatty acids.
  • Another basic yet important negative of exercising right after eating is that it can make you feel sick. It not only causes cramps but also stomach pain.  For some people, this can also cause diarhhea and nausea for a long time.
  • In some cases, exercising after eating can also lead to hiccups and this too can be slightly irritating and discomforting.


  • Now that you know the various side effects and negative effects of exercising after eating, you must remember to time your meals in accordance with your schedule of exercising.
  • It is important to wait for atleast 3 hours after eating before you start exercising. If you have had a small meal, then you can wait for about 1-2 hours before you exercise.
  • The best time to work out according to some experts is right before you eat. A post exercise nutrition program minimizes muscle damage and also helps in recovery of muscles.

HWC Team

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