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10 Uses of Yoga in Modern Life

10 Uses of Yoga in Modern Life
March16/ 2018

In the daily hustle bustle of life, it is imperative to stay active and healthy. But with such a hectic schedule it almost becomes impossible to look after your health. As a result, several health hazards start popping up. Your energy level reduces which adversely affects your personal and professional life.

Staying healthy is indeed a challenge, and for this apart from a balanced diet, exercise is also required. Exercise doesn’t necessarily refer to going to the gym; you can even try out yoga at home. The benefits of yoga are widely known. It helps in inducing proper digestion, renders good sleep, enhances the immune system, etc.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a form of exercise, mostly meditation, to improve the concentration level of an individual. It helps in lowering stress and anxiety and soothes the mind. It is a form of freehand exercise (to be done after undergoing special training session). If yoga is practiced for 15 minutes regularly, it can help kick-start a great day ahead.

Benefits of Yoga in Modern Life:

Just like any other form of exercise, yoga comes loaded with benefits.

•    Enhances body flexibility: 

Yoga helps in improving the level of flexibility. It cannot be achieved on the first day, but with due course of time flexibility of body, movement improves. This will, in turn, reduce the pain points and activeness. You will feel fewer amounts of muscle cramps or ligament problems.

•    Strengthens muscles:

Yoga helps in building strong muscle but at an affordable cost. Going to the gym can be expensive and time-consuming. But yoga will take just a few minutes of your time. Strong muscles prevent the occurrence of back pain, arthritis, and aids older people from falling. Yoga helps in proper blood circulation and strengthens the tissues and muscles.

•    Renders proper body posture:

Sitting for long hours in the office can result in pain in the spinal cord. Many people are seen having a curvy back which with time increases. This can result in back pain, arthritis, etc. Yoga helps in perfecting the posture, reduces pain points, and prevents the occurrence of fatigues.

•    Averts cartilage and joint breakdown:

Whenever an individual performs yoga, there is a full-fledged movement of the joints. This movement protects us from mitigates cartilage disabilities and prevents the occurrence of degenerative arthritis. Each time movement is done, the joint cartilage is filled with fluids that further ease the movement.

•    Enhances bone health:

With growing age, our bones start to degenerate. Having calcium tablets or calcium enriched food, alone won’t be beneficial. Under such circumstances, performing yoga every day can be helpful. The movements and exercises performed during yoga strengthen the bones and reduce the occurrence of osteoporosis. It improves bone density and further controls the secretion of stress hormones, which prevents from warding off calcium from bones.

•    Increased blood circulation:

Proper blood circulation is required for smooth functioning of the body.  Yoga can ease the flow of flood by relaxing the muscles and tissues. It provides the cells with more oxygen. Yoga postures like twisting help in supplying oxygenated blood to internal organs. While shoulder stand, headstand, and handstand improve blood circulation of pelvis and legs and back to the heart. Besides, yoga boosts up the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Yoga reduces clot-promoting proteins in the blood and prevents a person from cardiovascular ailments and strokes.

•    Strengthens immunity and drains lymph:

Lymph is a fluid found in the immune cells of our body. It is seen that during yoga, the more contraction and relaxation of muscle takes place, the increased is the drainage of lymph. This creates a shield which prevents the body from infection, terminates cancer cells, and removes toxins from the body. The result is you will remain active and healthy.

•    Boosts heart rate:

An increased heart rate reduces the chance of inviting heart attacks or strokes. Yoga, especially aerobic can be beneficial in inducing the flow of oxygen and blood which improves the heart rate. It also helps in warding off depression. Apart from this, other yoga postures to help in reducing cardiac ailments and renders healthy heart.

•    Regulates hypertension:

Yoga is beneficial for a person suffering from high blood pressure. The corpse poses yoga if performed daily for 26 weeks can lead to dropping of blood pressure rate and prevent its associated diseases as well.

•    Controls blood sugar level:

Amongst the potential benefits of yoga, it is seen that yoga helps in controlling blood sugar and promotes healthy cholesterol (HDL) and lowers bad cholesterol (LDL). For a diabetic patient, yoga lowers the level of adrenaline and cortisol, improves insulin sensitivity, and promotes weight loss. In addition, yoga reduces the risk of blindness, heart attack, and kidney failure.

So these are some of the few essential benefits of performing yoga. It will help you stay naturally fit and active.



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