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Top 5 Ways to Get Rid of that Beer Belly

ways to get rid of that beer belly
HWC Team
April22/ 2015

Have you noticed a belly that has begun to form due to over indulgence in beer or regular consumption of this alcoholic drink? Well, beer bellies may be unpleasant to look at or have but cutting down on beer totally to get rid of them may not be necessary. Yes, for someone who enjoys a few cold beers every now and then, this may turn out to be good news. But then what should one do to get the belly to shrink and a flat stomach to appear? The following are the top 5 ways to get rid of beer belly, without really giving up on beer.

1. Train Big Muscle Groups

The best way to get rid of beer belly is to engage in some high intensity and volume physical training. You must exercise the big muscle groups like legs, back and focus on exercises like frontsquats, back squats, bent over rows etc.

As more muscles of the body are used, more calories are burnt and this can lead to reduction in the beer belly.  Moreover, doing this type of training can also lead to promoting of better metabolism which will help you to maintain lean muscles as opposed to fat tissue.

2. Eat Good Fats

Another way to get rid of that beer belly is to eat only good fats.  These fats are essential because the body cannot make them and you have to get them through diet.  These good fats play a vital role in the maintenance of metabolism.  Some foods in which you can find these fats include fish like salmon, nuts, avocados and olive oil etc.  Eating good fats also stop the cravings for bad fats.

3. Don’t Replace Food Calories with Beer Calories

It is important not to replace food calories with beer calories because you have to eat real food in small amounts through the day and this must start with a good breakfast. The mistake people mostly make is not to eat in order to make space for the beer calories in your diet. If you plan on not eating through the day, the metabolism will start running low.

4. Perform Anaerobic Cardio

Running is the best way to reduce the beer belly and every expert on the planet will tell you the same.  But even anaerobic cardio like running sprints or anything which involves short bursts of energy and burning of calories is also a great way to get rid of beer belly.  These exercises also target the body fat as if it were the main source of fuel. Even if you don’t have much time, doing 10 intense sprints hardly takes 10-12 minutes.

5. Don’t Give Up Beer

Another way to get rid of beer belly is not to give up on beer.  Drinking beer is a good way to decrease stress levels and high levels of stress may further increase the belly. Moderation is the key and there is no harm in enjoying an occasional beer.

HWC Team

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