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A Guidebook on Common Health Troubles in Workplace

guide book on workplace
HWC Team
September18/ 2015

Workplace is unavoidable and a place where you need to visit every day and stay for long duration. Since there are large numbers of people who work at an office at a same time, thus chances of getting infection and other health issues are quite high.

Though majority of the offices take care of their premises regarding hygiene but there are certain health issues that you are always at risk of developing. Below given is a list of the same:

Some Common Workplace Health Hazards

Contagious Diseases

Many infectious diseases such as Cold and Flu can attack you and if your immune system is weak then you fall to these diseases easily. These infections may be transmitted through hands and sneezes. Therefore you should be careful while working in an office, and keep your hands clean by using soaps or hand–sanitizers, so that the germs may lose strength and cease to attack you. Your poor eating habits also makes your immune system weak and thus make you fall a pray to these diseases.

Slipping and Falling

The workplaces today are very sleekly furnished and interiors done in a very classy and modern style. The polished tiles with which the floorings are done may not support your footwear and this may make you slip and fall. Falling can give you anything, from bruises to fractures. To avoid this you should wear comfortable, non-slippery footwear, which goes well with your office flooring.

Water-Borne Diseases

There are many offices that do not have water filter or purifier facilities. Drinking unsafe water can bring on stomach problems and other infections leading to diarrhea. It is better to carry your own water if your workplace does not provide a purifier. Furthermore offices that are located in damp areas having standing water bodies nearby are troubled by mosquitoes and other insects. Water borne diseases such as Dengue and Malaria are quite prevalent in such areas. Using an insect repellant spray or insect killer machine is essential in such workplaces.

Back Pain

Long seated hours during the working periods in the same posture can cause intense back pain and spinal problems subsequently. It may happen because of chairs that are not suitable for long hour’s usage. Thus take care of your posture while working at office.

Problem with Eyes

Working for long hours at a work place causes strain in the eyes. It may lead to eyes watering, increase in the power of your specs etc.


Headache is one of the common problems faced by people working at an office. Long working hours, sitting in front of computer, noise and stress are some of the common reasons for the same. It may be because of stress, lack of proper sleep at home, noise, or long working hours in front of a computer.

Whatever be the reasons, but working people do come across many health problems, which are sometimes due to the work place itself, so utmost care and precaution should be taken to avoid those  and try to get well soon.

HWC Team

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