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Best Tips to Avoid Suffering from Heat Stroke in Summers

Best tips to avoid suffering from heat stroke in summers
HWC Team
June17/ 2015

In the scorching summer heat and high temperatures, it is common  for anyone to suffer from heat strokes. Heat stroke is a condition of heat injury in which your skin and body feels excessively hot and exerted. When the body gets overheated, one may even faint, get excessively dehydrated and if left untreated, it can lead to serious complications including death.

There are many ways to prevent heatstroke and avoid suffering from it. If you wish to know some of the best ways to avoid this, you can go through the following given tips and suggestions:

Wear Lightweight and Loose-Fitting Clothing

One of the ways to prevent suffering from heatstroke is to wear light-fitting clothes or loose-fitting clothes. Sometimes, tight fitting clothes or thick materials may cause the body to become overheated and may promote heat stroke.

Get Sun Protection

Another way to avoid suffering from heat stroke in summers is to get some protection from sun. Apply a good quality and high SPF sunscreen lotion on your entire body before leaving the house. This helps to prevent you from suffering from sunburns.  Besides this, also wear broad rimmed sunglasses when stepping out in the sun and use an umbrella to provide shade to you during summer afternoons.

Drinks Plenty of Fluids

Another way to avoid suffering from heat stroke during summers is to drink as many fluids as possible throughout the day. Besides getting a lot of water, make sure you drink other cool drinks like coconut water, mocktail and others that will help maintain your body temperature and will help you make up for the water that you lose through sweating.

Avoid Stepping out During Peak Heat Hours

To prevent heatstroke and avoid suffering from overheating of the body, make sure you do not step outdoors during the peak heat hours of the day like the noon or afternoons. Sun during these times is at the peak and one is most prone to getting sun strokes during these hours.  If you have any meetings during the day, cancel them or postpone them at a more comfortable time.

Maintain a Cool Environment

Whether it is your house or office, make sure you maintain a cool environment. This can be done either by making use of air conditioners or keeping the curtains drawn. Place a few plants indoors to maintain the temperature and make sure there is proper ventilation.  Keep windows which are directly at sun’s exposure closed during the day and open them at night when the temperatures have dropped down.

Avoid having too much of Hot Foods

Our body also gets overheated during hot summer days when we eat a lot of hot foods. Thus avoid foods which are too hot or spicy as they can make you sweat and may make you feel dizzy. Rather opt for cool food items and drinks throughout the day like juices, salads, cold sandwiches or anything which doesn’t have to be served hot.

HWC Team

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