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7 Fantastic Home Remedies to Remove Fishbone from Throat

7 fantastic home remedies to remove fishbone from throat
HWC Team
February12/ 2016

It is common for certain food particles and fragments to get stuck in the upper respiratory tract and this can lead to choking. Fishbone is one of the common food parts which tend to get stuck into the throat and this can cause obstruction, pain, chest and abdomen.  This can also make the throat swell and get constricted and thus can be dangerous and must be treated as quickly as possible. If you face a situation with fishbone in your throat then rather getting panic, it is best to follow the below given home remedies that will surely prove to be of great help:

1. Eat a Mouthful of Marshmallows

Eating a mouthful of marshmallows is an age old technique to remove the fishbone from throat.  Since they have a spongy and thick texture, it tends to get sticky and chewing on it can help to dislodge the fishbone from its position.

2. Eat Some Nuts

You can also have a handful of nuts like walnuts, almonds, peanuts and pecan to remove fishbone from your throat.  If you chew them well then their coarse texture can help to loosen the bone.  You can also have water or some other kind of a liquid to wash down the fishbone.

3. Eat Bread

You can also try to eat different types of bread like sliced bread, dry bread, corn bread and hard rolls to remove the fishbone from the throat.  You can eat the bread, chew it so that it becomes moist and then drink water over it.

4. Try Salty Water

You can also sip on water which has been mixed with a pinch of salt as this mixture too can dislodge the fishbone from the throat and provide immediate relief.

5. Have Some Banana

Try eating a large piece of banana and keep it in your mouth for about 2 minutes.  Try to swallow the banana without chewing it.  This can take the fishbone with it and help removing it easily and without any pain. You can also drink some water over it so that the fishbone gets dislodged.

6. Drink Diluted Vinegar

Another popular method, which originated in China, is removing fishbone from the throat by drinking diluted vinegar.  The vinegar helps to soften the fish bone and thus dislodges the stuck fishbone from its place in the throat.  However it is important to remember that the amount of acetic acid present in the vinegar is too less to actually soften the bone.

7. Drink Olive Juice

Another superb way to remove the fishbone from the throat is to drink some olive juice. For this, you will first need to boil some olives in water and then drink the obtained juice while it is still warm.  What this does is that it tends to soften the bone and thus makes it slide down. You can also consider drinking olive oil which helps to soothe the cut which is caused due to the fish bone.

HWC Team

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