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What you need to Know about Asthma Attack

HWC team
January06/ 2017

Asthma is a common condition in which the airways becomes inflamed and narrow resulting in production of excess of mucus. During asthma the muscles around your airways becomes tightened and triggers symptoms that makes it difficult for air to move in and out of your lungs.

What is an Asthma attack?

Asthma attack is the sudden worsening of the asthma symptoms leading to tightening of your muscles around your airways. The common symptoms associated with asthma are difficulty in breathing, chest pain, sweating, wheezing and difficulty in speaking.

The first thing you need to do when you experience an asthma attack is, stop whatever you are doing and don’t panic. The most important thing you need to do is, calm and relax and try to restore your breathing.

Firs aid tips to control Asthma Attacks

First aid tips helps in controlling your asthma attacks. The common tips that you need to follow are:

1.      Know the cause of sudden attack

Try to stay away from the possible triggers that can cause attack. Generally smoke and dust causes asthma and you need to keep yourself away from such triggers. Skin test usually helps you in knowing the allergens that can cause asthma. There are certain foods and chemicals that can also cause asthma attack. In few cases strenuous activities and physical exertion can also lead to asthma attack. In rare cases fatigue and stress are also considered as one of the cause of asthma attack.

2.      Know how to improve your lung capacity

Daily physical activities can improve your lung capacity and enhance the respiratory system functioning. It is recommended that daily 10-15 minutes of simple aerobic exercise can improve your lung capacity and helps you in preventing asthma attacks. Frequent smoking can make the situation worse and triggers asthma attack frequently.

3.      Try to sit upright

When you experience asthma attack, try to sit in upright position. Generally you will feel dizzy during asthma attack but lying down can aggravate your condition. Lying down during an asthma attack can make it harder for you to breathe and inhibit sufficient oxygen supply to your lungs and make the situation more worse.

4.      Carry the inhaler with you at all times

Carry inhaler at all times is essential. Take 1-2 puffs as instructed by your doctor for quick relief during an asthma attack. Take slow breaths to normalize your breathing. Inhalers helps in preventing complications caused due to asthma attacks.

5.      Consult the doctor when required

When you experience an asthma attack and not carrying inhaler, it is recommended to consult the doctor or call the emergency help line number for immediate help. In few cases even after using inhalers, you might not feel comfortable and face difficulty in breathing. In such situations immediately call an ambulance and take medical help.

What happens if an Asthma Attack goes untreated?

If you don’t use inhaler or the medications that are required to prevent your asthma attacks, your breathing becomes more labored and you will experience louder wheezing. Your lungs become more tighten during an asthma attack as there is not enough air movement to producing wheezing.  This condition is referred as silent chest and is considered as a danger sign.

It is better to be aware of the simple first aid tips that can help you in preventing asthma attacks. Precautionary measures helps in avoiding complications due to asthma attack.

HWC team

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