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The Most Superb Tips to Avoid Binging at a Party

the most superb tips to avoid binging at a party
HWC Team
May07/ 2015

Okay, so a party is coming ahead and it is one party of the year which you just can’t miss. Well, most of us can’t keep from binge eating and binge drinking during parties and for obvious reasons. The music,the company, the excellent variety of foods and drink just can’t let you stick to your diet and force you to binge.

While it is okay to indulge once in a while, before you know, these one timers lead to weight gain, obesity and even digestive problems. Thus, we have come up with the most superb tips to avoid binging at a party:

  • One of the best tips and suggestions to avoid binging at a party is to never attend a party on an empty stomach. Before you step out of your house for a party, make sure you eat a light snack or have a plate full of fruits. This will not only support your drinking but will also keep you from over indulging in a lot of food when you are at the party.
  • Another great tip which will allow you to stick to your diet goals and avoid binging at a party is to tell the host that you are on a diet and take them into confidence. This will keep them from asking you for having foods and drinks over and over again.
  • Keep a check on what you eat. Often at parties, we forget to keep a count on what we are eating and drinking but this can lead to over eating and over indulgence. But always keep a check on the amount of calories you are eating since this will help you control your diet.
  • Limit the alcohol consumption. This is a superb way to avoid binging at a party. Alcohol contains a lot of calories and having a lot of it can lead to weight gain and high caloric intake. To avoid this, you must stick to just a drink or two or have other less calorie drinks like coconut water or water.
  • At parties, people have a habit of asking each other to eat and drink. To avoid this, you can keep holding a plate or a drink glass in your hand for a long time so that people won’t be able to offer you the next drink or food item.
  • Take small portions. Even if you wish to try a lot of different cuisines and dishes, make it a point to have small portions so that you do not eat a lot of calories. This will not only keep you from eating a lot but also enable you to try out as many things as you want.
  • Skipping the dessert is a great way to avoid binging. Most desserts are heavy and having even a small portion of them can ruin your diet and take you away from your weight loss goals. Thus it is a good idea to avoid having dessert at your next party.

HWC Team

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