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Top Tips to Remain Healthy this Monsoon

Top tips to remain healthy this monsoon
HWC Team
August26/ 2015

The monsoon season is here again and so is water logging, insects, humidity and so many water borne diseases. Health problems are on a rise during the rainy season and can add to your woes. It is very important to follow certain measures and precautions to avoid getting ill during this season.

By following preventive measures, you can also make the most of the season without the worry of falling sick. The following is a list of the top tips that can help you remain healthy during monsoons:

Avoid Eating Outside

One of the best ways to remain healthy during monsoons is to skip eating food outside. Street foods are a  big no-no during this season because they can lead to indigestion or other stomach problems since they may be infected with germs which are all around during rains.  Also, avoid drinking water or juices sold in the market as they too may be carrying germs.

Eat a lot of Green and Other Colored Vegetables

Another way to remain healthy during monsoons is to include a lot of green vegetables and other colored vegetables in your diet.  These veggies pack a lot of nutrients in them and can help you stay fit during this time of the year. But make sure you wash them properly before cooking them.  Washing and boiling helps to eliminate the germs and bacteria that may be present.

Shower after Getting Wet in the Rains

If you happen to get wet in the rains, then make sure you take a shower immediately after that. This will protect you from spreading of germs and infections and will wash away all the bacteria that you may have on your body or skin.  Avoid bathing in very cold water and opt for lukewarm water to avoid getting cold.

Stay Well Hydrated

To keep your immune system clean, it is important to stay hydrated during the monsoon season.  Make sure that the water you drink is clean and boiled. Boiling can help you eliminate the impurities and other bacteria that may be present.  To stay hydrated, another thing that you can do is to drink natural and healthy drinks like chamomile tea, jasmine tea and green tea etc. These tea varieties also help you to improve your resistance and strengthen your immune system.

Exercise Regularly

You must incorporate regular exercising to your schedule so as to remain fit and healthy.  Since it may be difficult to venture out for a walk due to rains or slippery ground, it is better to exercise at home or at the gym. Yoga and Pilates can be performed during this season for improving fitness levels.

Try Home Remedies

If cold, cough or fever strikes, then avoid going for over the counter medicines and opt for homeopathic or natural remedies like gargling with lukewarm water, having ginger and honey tea and going for natural foods to improve immunity and strength.

So, try to follow the above mentioned precautions to enjoy and stay healthy in the monsoon season!

HWC Team

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