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6 Effective Tips to use Public Toilets Safely

public tiolet safety
HWC Team
September16/ 2015

It is unfortunate but many a times when you are out running errands or even at a mall, the need to use the loo does arise. This experience can be all the more excruciating if you are very hygiene conscious. These rest rooms are poorly maintained and result in contracting diseases as well.

While in modern day malls and restaurants you can even find a sparkly shiny wash room, comfort level is still low. The best way to stay fit is taking precautionary measures; here are a set of tips on how you should be using public toilets –

Public Wash Room Safety Tips

1. Use the Farthest One

Locate a bath room which is away from activity such as top floor toilets in schools, malls, stadiums, offices and other public places. This is advised because; the ones that are located farthest are comparatively clean and less used.

2. Use Tissues and Sanitizers

Use a tissue paper to turn the tap on. You should wash your hands with soap after using any item in a public toilet. It is believed that handles of faucets in public toilets have a lot of bacteria on them. Many prefer to use hand sanitizers, which is also a good idea. It is however; best to avoid soap bars as they can be equally dirty.

3. Wipe your Seat

When you need to use a toilet, it would be a good idea to wipe the commode seat. While it is hygienic to place some tissue sheets on the seat where on you will sit, you can also simply wash the seat very well with water before usage. For ladies it is advised to avoid direct contact by holding onto something or balancing a few inches above the seat.

4. Hold the Door with Tissue Paper

The door handle to a rest room is another spot which can result in bacteria transfer and thereby health issues. Thus, if you are extremely hygiene conscious it is better to use hand sanitizer or liquid soap immediately or even use a tissue to open a door. Even the flush button should be pressed or used as such with a tissue paper to avoid germ exposure.

5. Ladies Need to be Extra Careful

Women are more prone to get infection while using public toilets as they get in contact with the seats and thus they need to be extra cautious. Make sure to use sanitizer for hands and intimate cleaners for delicate parts after using a toilet. You should ideally use tissue papers for drying as dryers do not do a complete job and wetness can be a great breeding zone for bacteria.

6. Take Tissue from within the Roll

For those who use toilet paper it is advised to use the paper from within the roll after taking away some so as to avoid germs exposure. Once done you may use the leg or to push open the door and avoid the use of hands to turn the handle.

Thus the above given tips will help you to avoid infections while using public toilets.

HWC Team

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