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Travel Tips to be Remembered by Kidney Patients

travel tips to be remembered by kidney patients
HWC Team
October10/ 2015

Kidney problems can strike you at any age – in elders it usually happens due to diabetes and in youngsters it can be due to various different reasons. Kidney patients can face many difficulties while travelling like nausea, swelling in the ankles, vomiting, sleep disturbances, and breathing problems.

Therefore, travelling for kidney patients should be well planned and without any chances of stress and exhaustion. Below given are some useful travel tips for kidney patients –

A Few Must Points to be Remembered by the Kidney Patients While Travelling

Plan in Advance

Since you need extra care and planning for the upcoming travel, plan your trip at least six to eight weeks ahead of time and do the bookings well in advance, as apart from your tickets, you will also need to check out with the dialysis centers whether they can provide dialysis to you if needed.

Take Help of a Coordinator

You can book a patient travelling coordinator, who will take care of your special needs and check out with the dialysis centers. Your dialysis center too may be having staff who can arrange for your dialysis during your tour.

Don’t Plan a Hectic Tour

Plan a smooth and relaxing tour, where you can have some rest along with sightseeing, so that you do not fall sick out of exertion.

Carry all Necessary Medical Documents

Carry photocopy of all the medical documents related to your health, tests, list of medicines prescribed by your doctor, list of the shots you have taken already and other essentials. Also carry contact numbers and details of your present health care or dialysis center, so that the doctor can be consulted in case of any emergency.

Inform your Close Relatives

Always inform your family and close ones about your travelling plans. Let them have your contact number and schedule; you too keep a note of all the numbers. Keep a well written list of essential contact numbers, in case of any misplacement of your mobile phone set.

Let your Co-Traveler Know Necessary Details

Make sure that the person travelling with you knows the details of your medical requirements and where you have kept all your papers, medicines and necessary documents.

Keep Medicines in your Handbag

Carry your medicines in your hand baggage, as it is essential. You will have it with you even if there is any incident of luggage misplacement during flight or luggage transportation.

Carry Some Food that Suits you

Carry a food bag for the specific type of food that is allowed and might not be available everywhere. Inform the authorities on your special dietary needs required before boarding, such as low salt, low fat or diabetic foods.

Exchange Information

Inform the concerned officials about your special needs while boarding, changing flights or trains etc, so that they can make arrangements to assist you. Also inform the tour official about the special room you may need, such as a ground floor room. Take the details of the itineraries of the tour so that you do not have any problem during the tour.

Take Enough Medicines

Carry enough medicines to last for the whole tour period and also extra to meet any emergency situations.

Get Health Insurance

Get additional health insurance for the tour, as some countries have certain specific rules and all insurance covers may not be applicable everywhere.

The above mentioned tips if followed will make your tour hassle free.

HWC Team

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