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Top Unusual Tips to Beat the Worst Headaches

top unusual tips to beat the worst headaches
HWC Team
February17/ 2016

Pills are often the first thing that we take when we have headaches but popping them regularly can be dangerous for health. There are different ways to get rid of headaches and most of these are unknown to most people. Headaches are of different types like sinus headaches, migraine headaches and many others. Below given are few unusual tips that you can use to beat your worst headaches:

Sex, Sex and More Sex

As per neurologists, sex can give complete to partial relief from headaches. In a study conducted, it was found out that majority of people who had sex during migraine episodes saw improvement in their symptoms. Neurologists say that sex triggers the release of endorphins and these are body’s natural painkillers. Thus, sex helps to reduce headache or even eliminate it completely.


Aromatherapy can also help in giving relief from headaches. This is a very easy tip and all that you need to do is apply some peppermint oil directly under your nose. This would reduce your headache to a great extent.


A cup of coffee can offer you immediate relief from headaches. However, this is only effective if you are not a heavy coffee drinker. Caffeine is often present in many painkillers as it works by reducing swelling of blood vessels in your brain that happens due to some headaches.

Ice Pack

This is yet another amazing headache relieving trick that many people do not know. Fill a tub or bucket with warm water and immerse both your hands and feet into the water and place an ice pack at the back of your neck. You will get immediate relief and this would have a very long lasting effect.

Epsom Salt Bath

Tension headaches are common and this is a miraculous way of getting rid of tension headaches. Take warm water in a tub and add a large amount of Epsom salt and soak yourself. This would soften your muscles and also ease your stress. For a better effect, you can also place an ice pack at the back of your neck.

Early Morning Walk

A walk in cool and fresh air would also help in relieving headache provided the headache has not exacerbated due to physical exercise. As you go for a walk, tension would be released due to movement and the cold and fresh hair would have an affect similar to the ice pack.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are enriched with the mineral magnesium and this works by acting as a muscle relaxant. Depleted levels of magnesium can trigger headaches by lowering blood sugar levels and reducing blood flow to the brain. As per researchers, more than 50% of migraine sufferers have less amount of magnesium.

It is important to drink plenty of water and women should wear their hair down when suffering from headaches. Avoid painkillers and try these methods for getting rid of headaches naturally.

HWC Team

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