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World Heart Day 2015: Cardiologists Tips for Healthy Heart

world heart day
HWC Team
September29/ 2015

To help people make heart-healthy choices, top cardiologists of Delhi have shared secrets for healthy heart. According to the World Heart Federation, 17.1 million people die each year because of heart disease and attack, making it as a world’s leading cause of death. Notably, 67.2 percent of Indians are considered overweight or obese and 39.8 percent are recorded with high cholesterol levels.

In this sedentary lifestyle with high stress levels and unbalanced diet, heart diseases are no longer seen in elderly people. Therefore, it is required to take necessary measures to prevent heart attack and any cardiovascular disease. Here is the list of few tips given by top cardiologists to help you keep your heart healthy.

Stress Hurts your Heart

Dr. Vinay Kumar bahl said that heart attack can also occur in people who do not have any risk factors such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension because some non-modifiable risk factors such as age, gender and family history can also put you at risk of heart attack. Stress is the most important risk factor. Daily stress levels can increase the blood pressure and result in anxiety and depression. Women are more likely to get heart attack after menopause stage.

Following are the few tips given by Dr. Vinay Kumar Bahl:

  • Prefer home-cooked meals
  • Evening walk for 30 minutes is must
  • Smoking is a health hazard

Dr. Bahl added that people are experiencing heart attack at an early stage. He said that childhood obesity is a rising problem too. Atherosclerosis is a condition in which fat will be deposited at childhood. So, you need to incorporate these heart healthy habits at childhood instead of waiting till the age of 30.

Walk your Way to Good Health

Dr. Ajay Kaul states that walking everyday and keeping you fit is one of the best things you can do to keep your heart healthy. Lack of exercise and eating lot of junk food can increase the risk factor. Family history also plays a vital role. Diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and hypertension can also increase your chance of heart attack. So, though you do not experience any symptoms, you need to be careful.

Watch your Weight

According to Dr. Sandeep Attawar, eating whatever you want whenever you’d like to have is the worst habits for your heart. Having a schedule and taking appropriate periods of rest and engaging physical activity is the secret for healthy heart. Start adopting yourself to balanced diet to stay fit and keep your heart healthy.

Sleep is Vital for Healthy & Happy Heart

Dr. Naveen Bhamrl, Associate Director-Cardiology, Max Super speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh said sleeping at least eight hours is good for healthy heart because while sleeping the heart gets good amount of coronary blood flow. Sleep deprivation can also lead to hypertension.

It is better to limit your carb intake and maintain a calorie count. Pranayam also helps in controlling cholesterol. Ditch smoking to keep your heart healthy. One should have their dinner at least three hours before sleeping and do not go for a walk immediately after dinner, particularly cardiac patients.

So, these tips can help you keep your heart healthy and lower your risk of any heart disease.

HWC Team

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