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10 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

10 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Red Wine
Atefa Noorain
Atefa Noorain
February22/ 2017

Wine, especially red wine is very useful medicinally and it has been extensively studied for a longer time when compared to other varieties.  Moderate consumption of wine is said to be good for your health and does not lead to any complications, whereas heavy drinking can increase the risk of many diseases irrespective of the variety.

Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

The common health benefits of drinking red wine include the following:

  1. Reduce the risk of depression

Drinking red wine in moderate quantity helps in reducing the risk of depression. There are certain components present in the skin of red grapes that could help in treating depression by reducing the brain inflammation.  According to the research study, when you drink 2-7 glasses of wine per week, you are less likely to suffer from depression.

  1. Prevents colon cancer

People who drink 3 or more glasses of red wine in a week are less likely to get abnormal colon growth that can lead to cancer in later stages. Red grapes are rich in antioxidant resveratrol that can help in minimizing the abnormal colon growth and avoid complications.

  1. Lower cholesterol level

Drinking a glass of red wine can help in reducing the LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol in your body. LDL cause your arteries to be blocked that makes you more prone to heart diseases which may lead to stroke and death. The antioxidant resveratrol plays an important role in controlling your blood cholesterol levels.

  1. Prevents Breast cancer

It is recommended for women to have red wine when compared to other alcoholic beverages. Women who consume other alcoholic beverages are at higher risk of cancer when compared to women who stick to red wine. Drinking alcohol beverages generally increase the estrogen level in your body that can encourage the growth of cancer cells.

  1. Prevents common cold and flu

Red wine is rich in flavonoid antioxidants that will help in preventing the risk of infections. People who drink more red wine are less likely to suffer from common cold and fever.

  1. Dental Health

When the bacteria get accumulated in your mouth it can form certain biofilms which can lead to production plaques and teeth-damaging acids. Drinking red wine can help you in getting rid of bacteria in your oral cavity.

  1. Boost Memory

The antioxidants resveratrol present in red wine can help in improving your memory. People who drink red wine frequently in moderate quantity are less likely to face memory loss.

  1. Prevent Stroke

Drinking red wine can also help in minimizing the blood clot formation in your body. Blood clots generally lead to stroke and death. Drinking red wine can help in avoiding strokes by about 50 percent.

  1. Weight loss

When you drink red wine daily you are most likely to have a lower body mass than those who don’t drink red wine. Moderate drinkers have narrow waists and less adnominal fat that those who drink liquor on red wine. It is usually recommended to have red wine especially when you are planning to lose weight.

  1. Improve Sleep

A glass of red wine before bedtime can help you in getting a sound sleep. Red wine contains a large amount of melatonin that can help in regulating sleep and circadian rhythms. Melatonin levels usually rise in the evening time and thus it is better to have a glass of wine for a restful night.

Heavy drinking generally leads to many complications and can affect your organs thus, it is recommended to have wine in moderate quantity. Moderate drinking does not harm your body and will have positive effects. Prefer red wine on other alcoholic beverages for a better healthy life.

Atefa Noorain
Atefa Noorain

Atefa Noorain, (Microbiologist) former Head of the Department of Life Sciences, Assistant Professor of Microbiology at Sujatha Degree College for Women. She worked as an Associate Research Analyst at Thomson Reuters and an Associate Editor of two research journals. She has presented her research work in 3 International Conferences. She has written articles for national journals and international journals. She had been felicitated as a Young Speaker in the last conference. She has worked on Nanoparticles as a part of her research project and won the Best Scientist of the Day award.

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