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Assured Health Benefits of Cauliflower

assured health benefits of cauliflower
HWC Team
February26/ 2016

Cauliflowers are commonly known as “Phool Gobhi” in northern parts of India. It is a flowery type of a vegetable that is usually included in many dishes. This vegetable comes from the Brassicaceae family and derives its name from the latin word ‘caulis’. Cauliflowers can be divided into four categories namely, Asian, Italian, North West European biennial and Northern European Annuals.

The common type of cauliflower found is white in color; however, there are green, purple and orange cauliflowers too. The green cauliflower, also known as broccoflower are curd shaped and the purple cauliflower has its color due to anthocyanins. The orange colored cauliflower is rich in vitamin A.

Here are some of the benefits we enjoy from cauliflowers:

Decreases the Level of Cholesterol

Cauliflowers are rich in fiber content and therefore it helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in our body.

Good Heart Health

This vegetable is a healthy food for the human heart and the vascular system.

Provides a Healthy Immune System

The antioxidants present in cauliflowers act as an anti-inflammatory agent to build a healthy immune system.

Fetus Improvement

Cauliflowers are rich in folate, vitamins A and vitamin B that provide help in the growth of cells. The growth of cells leads to the development of fetus in a pregnant woman’s womb. Hence, pregnant women should include this vegetable in their daily diet. It is also a good source of vitamin C that is required by the pregnant women.

Rich source of Calcium

Calcium is an important nutrient necessary to build bones and teeth. It is also vital for transmission of nerve impulses. The calcium nutrient present in cauliflowers is thus useful.

Rich Source of Minerals

Minerals such as zinc, manganese, phosphorous, magnesium, sodium and selenium are received from cauliflowers. The zinc present in the vegetable helps in curing wounds and builds fresh cells. The magnesium mineral present in cauliflowers is useful to the parathyroid glands which produces hormones required by the bones. Sodium balances the body fluids and phosphorous strengthens the bones. The enzymes are produced by manganese and selenium helps in the functioning of the immune system.

Prevent Cancer

Cancer has become a very common disease in the contemporary world. The risk of getting breast, lung and bladder cancers can be reduced by including cauliflowers moderately in your diet.

Good Diet Food for Weight Loss

The vitamin C content present in cauliflowers helps to burn out fat. The folate in cauliflowers further adds to be the factor for weight loss.

Aid to Detoxifying Organs

Consumption of cauliflowers helps to activate the liver enzymes which detoxifies many organs and protects from any harm.

Good for Skin

The antioxidants in cauliflowers act as anti-aging agents of the skin. Your skin is made healthy by eradicating all the toxic materials from the body.

Increases Content of Vitamin K

Bleeding from wounds or injuries can be avoided by eating cauliflowers in plenty. Our body requires vitamin K for the development of bones and cauliflowers contains vitamin K.

Care should be taken not to consume too much of cauliflower as it has side effects too. It can lead to decreased synthesis of thyroid hormone. While choosing the vegetable from the market, pick the one which is clean, tightly bundled and has creamy white florets and green leaves.

HWC Team

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