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Beards are Good for Health, Study Says

beard are good for health
HWC Team
January21/ 2016

New study has found that beards may contain bacteria that can be developed into new antibiotics.

The study published in the journal of hospital infection tested swabs from the faces of 408 staff with and without facial hair. As per the results, clean-shaven men are at increased risk of developing methicillin-resistant staph auerus (MRSA) on their cheeks as their bearded counterparts.

Clean-shaven men are 10 percent more likely to have Staphylococcus aureus on their faces, bacteria that causes skin and respiratory infections including food poisoning. Researchers recommend that this is due to micro-abrasians caused by shaving the skin, which may support bacterial colonisation and proliferation.

The report states colonization will be present in male healthcare workers with and without facial hair, but, certain bacterial species were more common in workers without facial hair.

Dr. Adam Roberts, a microbiologist from University College London, has grown more than 100 different bacteria from beard swab samples. He separated the microbe and tested it against a form of E. coli that result in urinary tract infections and found the microbes killed the bacterium.

HWC Team

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