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The benefits of adventure therapy!

the benefits of adventure therapy
HWC Team
June01/ 2016

Adventure therapy is a distinct form of psychotherapy which has become very popular since the 1960s. It is influenced from a variety of learning and psychological theories which have led to the invention of this concept. Adventure therapies help in improving self-concept, self-esteem, help in seeking behavior, increased mutual air and pro-social behavior and helps in developing trust behavior as well. Below given are some details about this new and exciting therapy so that you understand completely about it and also seek it if you need it. Read below:

  • Adventure therapy uses wild adventure activities which involve risk and physical and emotional challenge for the therapy taker. It requires the patient to develop the qualities of adaptation and ability to cope up with difficult situations.
  • This therapy allows a person to challenge his own capacities where psychological and physical risks can be challenged so that there are positive behavioral changes developed in a person.
  • This therapy encompasses variety of techniques and environments which elicit changes. These techniques include co-operative games, problem solving and challenge facing initiatives and trust building activities.
  • There are many high adventure and intense activities involved in this therapy which include rock climbing, rappelling, Rope courses and wilderness expeditions like backpacking, canoeing, sailing etc. These activities help a lot in developing self-confidence and understanding the real potential of oneself.
  • Adventure therapies also help the therapy taker get out of his comfort zone and face challenges which in-turn develop problem solving capacities and ability to adjust to different surroundings. It is very important for each and every person to take adventure therapy so that the person develops his or her personality.
  • Using adventure therapy was a part of a healing process in many cultures like the Native American, Jewish and Christian traditions. There was something known as tent therapy, which was similar to adventure therapy where the patients of a hospital would be brought out in tents in the hospital lawns so that they refresh their mind and respond to treatments as early as possible.
  • Adventure therapy is also effective for troubled youth, who are not achieving quick success in their life or are facing confidence issues because of continuous failure. When on an adventure therapy, one feels like they have achieved something really challenging, which helps them boost their self-morale.
  • This therapy helps in coping up with stress which people face on a day to day basis. People who face frequent anxiety attacks can undertake adventure therapy on a basic level so that they can seek a control over their mind which keeps getting anxious for every small thing.
  • Adventure therapies can effectively burst stress. If a person is suffering from constant stress and tension, he or she should take time out from their busy schedules and head for an adventure in order to refresh their minds.
  • Adventure therapies help a person become independent because when on an adventure, the person has to take care of all the risky situations on their own. Hence, it is a great developmental activity for teenagers and youths.

HWC Team

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