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The Top 7 Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

benefits of being a vegetarian
HWC Team
April21/ 2015

People are attracted to the practice of vegetarianism because of all kinds of reasons. While some wish to extend their lives, others may want to do it due to environmental issues. Ofcourse, turning into a vegetarian from being a non-vegetarian is a difficult task but there is no doubt about the fact that being a vegetarian has many benefits.

Eating only vegetarian not only reduces the chances of suffering from chronic diseases like high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes etc., but also reduces the chances of being obese. If you really want to know the benefits of being a vegetarian, you can go through the following given 7 points:

1. Keeps you Off Diseases

A Vegetarian diet is much healthieras compared to the average diet and helps to prevent, treat and reverse the effects of diseases like heart diseases and cancers. A vegetarian diet is also veryhealthy inherently because vegetarians tend to consume less cholesterol and animal fat.  They have more of fiber and antioxidants which keep the diseases away.

2. Helps to Keep the Weight Controlled

Another benefit of being a vegetarian is that it helps to keep the weight down. The non-vegetarian diet or standard diet of western nations is much higher in the content of saturated fats as well as processed foods but low in complex carbs and plant based foods. This in turn makes us fat. But on the other hand, going for a vegetarian diet reverses these effects and helps us stay slim.

3. Extends your Lifetime

If you switch to a vegetarian diet, then you can live for another 13 healthy years than your average life span.Those who consume more of saturated fats have a shorter span of life and experience disability towards the last years of their lives. Non vegetarian foods tend to reduce the energy, block the arteries and slow down the immune system.

4. Builds Stronger Bones

Being a vegetarian can also help us build strong bones since a vegetarian diet includes dairy foods like cheese, yoghurt etc. which are high on the quantity of calcium which is a superb nutrient for the bones. One can also get a decent dose of calcium from foods like tofu, soymilk, dry beans and green leafy vegetables.

5. Makes you More Energetic

A balanced vegetarian diet is free of any cholesterol naturallyand full of complex carbs, which provides  the body with a lot of energizing fuel. Good nutrition also helps to generate more usable energy which can be used throughout the day.

6. Helps to Reduce Pollution

Many people are becoming vegetarians after knowing the devastating effects of the meat industry on the natural environment. The animal and chemical waste is creating polluted rivers, streams and is a threat to the water quality as well. Thus, turning into a vegetarian is helping to bring down the pollution levels.

7. Saves Animals

Needless to say, the greatest benefit of turning into a vegetarian or being a vegetarian is saving animals. About 10 billion animals are slaughtered for consumption among humans every year..

HWC Team

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