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Top 5 Benefits of Water Aerobics

top 5 benefits of water aerobics
HWC Team
March15/ 2016

Water Aerobics is a form of exercise that is normally done in water, especially in a swimming pool. The depth of water used for this form of exercise is mostly till the waist or deeper than that. This exercise includes yoga, zumba, aerobics, jogging, kickboxing and various other forms of resistance and endurance training inside the water.

This was earlier considered a workout meant only for the sick and older people but its notion has changed with the changing time. This is now also done by the healthy people to meet their workout goals due to its several benefits. List of 5 important benefits of Water Aerobics are given below:

1. Impact on the Body

When you are working out inside water, your body weight feels much lighter than its actual weight. Thus, when you do your heavy training that’s pretty difficult on land, it becomes much easier inside water. If you have any knee injury or pain in your lower body, you can replace your land workout with aqua workout. This is one of the major reasons that people with arthritis and joint pain choose to exercise in water to remain fit and active.

2. Fat Loss

Water aerobics burns almost the same amount of calorie burnt on land per session. In fact, you can work out for a longer period in water than on land, resulting in more weight loss. There are different kind of aqua workouts that are provided to people of different goals and body shapes. You can see a considerable amount of loss in weight after a week’s water workouts, resulting in the visible amount of fat loss from all over your body.

3. Energy Booster

Gyms and other forms of land workouts get monotonous and tedious after a certain point of time. Hence, most of us tend to lose interest in working out. Water aerobics, on the other hand is an easy mode of training with similar results to that of a professional gym. They relieve you from stress and your body feels good with the presence of water and music. It’s almost like working out and taking a shower to rejuvenate your tired muscle at the same time. Thus, it helps in boosting your level of energy and keeps you interested in the exercise forever.

4. Stronger Muscles

While working out in water, you are actually going through both endurance and resistance training against the force of air. The flow of blood in your body increases tremendously with such kinds of trainings. This simultaneously increases your metabolism rate and hence, it reforms uneven muscles of your body and makes them stronger.

5. Protects from Sweat, Odour and Dehydration

Aqua workouts are always preferred by people who hate the idea of sweating and body odour. Water has a cooling effect on your body while you are working out. Another big advantage is that it protects you from getting dehydrated which otherwise is impossible on a land exercise.

Water aerobics is the only form of workout which can be done by people of all age and situation. Whether you are sick, fit or pregnant, you can always opt for exercising in the water to attain fit and healthy life.

HWC Team

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