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Brown Rice vs. White Rice

brown rice white rice
HWC Team
November14/ 2015

We all know that brown rice is considered to be a healthier option and recent studies claim that replacing white rice with brown rice in your regular diet can prevent type 2 diabetes. Most Indians prefer white rice over brown rice as white rice looks more appealing than their brown counterpart and moreover, white rice costs less than brown rice.

However, there is something that people do not know that the white rice they consume was actually brown in colour before the refining process. White is basically stripped of its nutrients and vitamins and manufacturers then add artificial sources of nutrients to it. Let’s compare brown rice and white rice in details:

Nutrient Levels

One cup contains:

  • Selenium – 27% in brown rice and 17% in white rice
  • Magnesium – 21% in brown rice and 5% in white rice
  • Manganese – 88% in brown rice and 37% in white rice

Selenium reduces the risk of serious ailments like cancer and arthritis. It also helps in the synthesis of fat. Since white rice is refined most of these nutrients are lost in the process.

However, the content of carbohydrates and calories are somewhat similar in both the brown and white rice.

Weight Loss

White rice we all know increase weight gain chances as it is full of calories. Brown rice on the other hand actually promotes weight loss as it is rich in fiber content. Fiber ensures proper bowel movement and this helps in weight loss as well. Brown rice also suppresses your appetite and gives your stomach the sensation of being full and this result in smaller meals.


  • Another benefit of brown rice is the fact that it is enriched with antioxidants and white rice does not contain so much antioxidant. This is a fact that many people are not aware of and antioxidants are usually only associated with green tea, blueberries, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables.


Brown Rice is considered to be a whole grain as it has preserved its wholeness unlike white rice. Brown rice is not refined and thus it is loaded with all the nutrients. Whole grains prevent the development of arterial plaque and this reduces the risk of high cholesterol and various heart diseases.

As a Baby Food

According to recent studies, brown rice is being said to be the perfect ‘first’ solid food for the babies as it is rich in nutrients and fibre. This ensures that the babies have the right level of growth and development. White rice on the other hand does not have the required nutrient content and thus not so healthy for the babies.


This is one factor that goes in favour of white rice as brown rice is more expensive that white rice.  The difference in prices is mainly due to supply and demand reasons. Also brown rice has shorter shelf life.

Thus considering the health aspect, brown rice is considered to be better than white rice.

HWC Team

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