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Checkups to maintain ENT health!

checkups to maintain ENT health
HWC Team
May29/ 2016

ENT checkup is the detailed checkup of Ears, Nose and Throat. This checkup is very important because the health of these three organs has a direct impact on the body, especially the functioning of the brain. There is a single specialist who has expertise in treating all the ENT related issues and hence, you need not visit different specialists for the checkup. Conduct these checkups regularly so that any serious health problem does not accumulate and bring about a major problem. Below given is the list of important ENT checkups which you should know. Read more:

Checkup of ears:

The examination of ears includes the following in detail checkups which you should get done from your ENT specialist. All these are done after the external ear is examined with an otoscope and wax or discharge is removed.

  • Checking the size and shape of the Pinna.
  • Extra tags of cartilage or pre-auricular sinuses or pits.
  • Signs and symptoms of trauma to the pinna.
  • Skin conditions of the pinna, including that of the external canal.
  • Suspicious skin lesions on the pinna and also the neoplasia.
  • Infection or inflammation occurring on the external ear canal along with the amount of discharge which takes place.
  • Signs or scars in case previous surgery of the ear has been conducted and if so, the recovery should also be checked.
  • Inspection of the ear canal and ear drum with the help of a modern electric otoscope.
  • Retractions of the eardrum when high volume is played.

Checkup of nose:

Following are the important checkups for determining the health of your nose internally.

  • Check if there is any obstruction in the airway, as this determines the ability to breathe smoothly, without and obstruction or discomfort.
  • Check if you have a runny nose and seek appropriate treatment if it is for a prolonged period of time.
  • Check for Anosmia or lack of smell, as losing one of the senses of the brain is a very serious condition and is a symptom for lot of illnesses.
  • Check for sneezing and if it is prolonged, diagnose the exact cause and seek treatment for it.
  • Check for facial pain caused by sinusitis.
  • Check for nasal obstruction especially if you snore a lot.
  • Check for swellings or scars inside the nose.

Checkup of throat:

  • The throat checkup should include a thorough examination of the oral cavity.
  • The doctor should check if there is a swelling in the tonsils so that if it is out of control, they can be removed.
  • Examine the condition of the mouth and tongue.
  • Check the uvula and soft palate.
  • Check the back of the tongue and tonsils.
  • Examine the nasopharynx and larynx with a mirror.
  • Check the cheek area properly, especially if you are a smoker so that you ensure that there are no tumors.
  • Check for possibilities of throat infections, be it viral or respiratory.
  • Examine the floor of the mouth and check for submandibular duct stones or accumulation of masses in the mouth.

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