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Do you have a Habit of Chewing Gum? Find out How it Benefits your Health

health benefits of chewing gum
HWC Team
July03/ 2015

Do you know that the gum you chew for taste, mouth freshening or other reasons also has several health benefits associated with it? New research work in this field has proved that gum chewing could actually be associated with several health benefits and some of them include better oral health, increase in focus, improving memory, reducing stress, etc. So if you are someone who was wary of chewing gum but loves doing it, then you have several amazing reasons to still do it.

The following are the top 6 health benefits of chewing gum:

1. Boosts Memory

One of the most important and major positive effect of chewing gum is that it makes way for improving memory. It not only improves cognitive abilities but also enhances the function of the brain which is related to memory. What happens is that gum chewing increases the flow of blood to the brain and this in turn increases the heart rate. An increased heat rate further delivers more oxygen to the brain in order to enhance the memory.

2. Reduces Stress Symptoms

Another reason why chewing gum could actually be useful for you is because it helps to alleviate the symptoms of stress. It reduces the nervous energy and  tension and helps one to get a venting for the irritation and frustration.  The very rhythmic motion of chewing of gum can lead a stress-reducing effect which further results in feeling more satisfied and relaxed.

3. Helps to Manage Weight

Most gums are low on the number of calories and can prove to be an inexpensive snack which infact helps to manage weight.  What chewing of gum does is that it helps to curb the cravings for high caloric foods and this can in turn help to avoid gaining weight.

4. Improves Overall Oral Health

Another reason why you must chew gum is because it helps in improving the overall oral health and benefits the teeth as well. What it does is that it helps to increase the production of saliva, which is a very important component of our oral health. It not only protects from oral cavity but also onset of other oral conditions. When saliva is stimulated, it helps to build a beneficial environment inside the mouth through its concentration of a lot of minerals and antibacterial components.  These help to eliminate the debris of food, sugars and other acids in the mouth.

5. Helps to Improve Digestion

Another benefit of gum chewing is that it helps to improve digestion. When you chew gum inside your mouth, there is an increase in the intestinal motility which in turn helps to aid the digestive function. Moreover, the  increase in saliva production make you  swallow more often and this avoids acid reflux.

6. Other Benefits

Some other benefits of chewing gum include better focusing and improving overall concentration and attention. Also, it leaves a good taste in the mouth.

HWC Team

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