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Coffee Lowers the Risk of Death, Study Reveals

HWC Team
December19/ 2015

New study has revealed that people who consume four to five cups of coffee daily may lower the risk of early death.

Medical News Today reported in one study, in which Dr. Loftfield and colleagues unveiled that drinking four cups of coffee daily may reduce the risk of melanoma by 20%.

Nonetheless, the latest research did not find any link between coffee consumption and cancer mortality but it revealed that drinking coffee on regular basis could lower the risk of death from a number of health issues including diabetes and heart disease.

People who consumed four to five cups of coffee each day had lowered the risk of various diseases including heart disease, diabetes, influenza, suicide and respiratory disease when compared with people who do not consume coffee.

People who drank two to three cups of coffee each day have also reduced risk of death. Moreover, researchers have found that drinking five cups of coffee daily that is equivalent to 400 mg of caffeine was not linked to any long-term health issues.

Earlier research has found that coffee consumption can lower the risk of certain cancers including liver cancer, but the current study did not find any link between coffee drinking and cancer mortality.

Researchers stated that the beverage will reduce mortality risk by affecting lung function, insulin sensitivity, inflammation and depression.

The latest research was in line with another study reported by MNT last month, in which individuals who drink less than five cups of coffee each day are at lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and neurological disease.

HWC Team

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