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How is Custard Apple Beneficial to Health?

how is custard apple beneficial to health
HWC Team
January04/ 2016

Custard apple, commonly known as Seetaphal in India is a fruit growing on a small deciduous tree and offers full of health benefits. This subtropical fruit is sweet and delicious and has a granular, creamy and fleshy texture with black seeds. There are many types of custard apples like Pinks Mammoth (Australia), African Pride (Africa), Late Gold (Northern Rivers), Geffner (Israel) etc.

The nutritional value of custard apples is really high; it is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, anti-oxidants, potassium, magnesium, copper, calcium, fibre and phosphorous. Consuming custard apple regularly will help you stay away from many diseases as it strengthens the immune system. The fruit has high calorific value, and very good for skin, bone, and heart. The leaves are used in herbal medicine to treat cancer and the bark can cure gum diseases and toothache. Here are some more health benefits of custard apple –

Helps to Gain Weight

If you have struggled enough to get a better body shape and want to come out from that “lean” frame; custard apple can be the ideal snacks or dessert for you. The fruit is full of calories and also increases metabolic rate, thus, stimulating the appetite levels. By increasing the appetite, the food intake will also be more thus increasing weight.

Boosts Immunity

Packed with natural antioxidants and vitamin C, custard apples have anti-inflammatory properties that in turn strengthen immunity. Just one serving of custard apple each day keeps you away from a host of infections and diseases. Custard apples destroy the harmful free radicals in the body, keeping you healthy and fit.

Increases Vitality

Considered as a great source of energy, custard apple has the capability to fight with exhaustion and muscle weakness. It extinguishes fatigue and lethargy.

Anti Cancer

The bark of custard apple has anti cancerous effects as it has the tannins with astringent properties. It is included in many herbal supplements to treat tumors and cancers naturally. Custard apple has compounds like acetogenin and alkaloids that effectively cuts down the chances of renal failure and cancer. Custard apple also has elements known as asimicin and bullatacin that shows anti-helminthes properties, preventing cancer. Custard apple effectively wards off the chances of breast cancer.

Improves Brain Health

The B complex vitamins in custard apples control the GABA neuron chemical levels in your brain. A generous serving of custard apple in your diet will help you to get distressed naturally, get rid of tension, anxiety, and depression. This fruit prevent the chances of Parkinson’s disease. Only 100 grams of custard apple has 0.6 grams of vitamin B6, almost 20% of the daily need.

Protects Dental Health

The custard apple skin is known to be extremely beneficial for gum pain and tooth disorders. In fact, this is the reason why the skin extracts are largely used in Ayurvedic and herbal medicines.

Fights Anaemia

The fruit has high levels of iron and effective in curing anaemia. It also treats gout, vomiting, and vitamin B6 deficiency.

Enhances Vision

Rich in riboflavin and vitamin C, this fruit aids in free radical destruction, thereby protecting eyesight and keeping it clear even at older age.

Apart from the above mentioned health benefits, custard apple is also known to lower the chances of arthritis, improve cardiovascular health, controls diabetes, improves digestive system, good for the eyes, skin, brain and hair of the fetus, prevents premature labor and morning sickness.

HWC Team

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