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Get these Health Checkups done before Travelling Abroad

get these health checkups done before travelling abroad
HWC Team
May27/ 2016

It is very common for travellers to fall sick after visiting abroad because there is a sudden change in the climate, food, timing and the cycle of the day which has direct effects on the body. There are many travel related health issues which can be life threatening and hence, there are some medical health checkups which should be undertaken by each and every person travelling abroad so that no further health issues are faced. Read below to know these checkups:

  • Blood pressure checkup: It is important to check if you have high or low blood pressure issue so that when you travel abroad, you undertake only those physical activities which will not cause a major change in your blood pressure and hypertension, so that serious consequences like a heart stroke or brain hemorrhage can be avoided.
  • Vaccinations: There are many vaccinations which need to be taken even when you do not have any specific disease. These include vaccinations against polio, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella and varicella. If you are not vaccinated, you might be refused an entry at the borders during your transit.
  • Checking for viral infections: You should check for chances of getting vulnerable to viral infections so that you do not get attacked by infections while on a tour and your abroad trip does not get spoilt because of the illness which happens to you.
  • Blood sugar level: Check if you have high blood sugar level, and if you are diagnosed with it, make sure that you carry enough food to last for an entire tour because there is no guarantee that you will received low sugar level food on the tour and hence, it is always safe to have a backup.
  • Hepatitis A and B vaccines: It is recommended to take both these vaccines along with a typhoid preventive vaccination so that you stay away from both these diseases when you travel abroad. Also, make sure that you drink bottled water on the tour so that you do not fall prey to water-borne diseases.
  • Country specific checkups: There are different checkups mandatory for seeking an entry to different countries. You need to have a list of medical checkups and vaccinations required for visiting the country which you want to and make sure you complete all the requirements and have a documented proof of the same as you can be asked for it anytime at the immigration as well as during your visit.
  • Check for allergies: The food and water is extremely different in every country. Hence, you should research about the kind of food you are going to get in the country which you are planning to visit and check if your body is prone to allergies to any of the ingredients of the food which is going to be available to you and in case you find out if you have allergies, make sure you carry your own food supply so that there is no problem on your tour.

These all are the health checkups that you should do before travelling abroad!!

HWC Team

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