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7 Proven Health Benefits and Advantages of Garlic

7 proven health benefits and advantages of garlic
HWC Team
February05/ 2016

Garlic is one of the vegetables which not only makes your food delicious but also your health perfect. Garlic is basically a species in the onion genus Allium and is native to central Asia. It has been in human use for a whopping 7000 years and is still indispensible to us.

Apart from its taste or flavour, it also has many medicinal properties which can help to cure many ailments and prevent others. The following is a list of the 7 proven health benefits and advantages of garlic.

1. It Consists of Allicin which has Medicinal Properties

Garlic consists of a compound called allicin which has medicinal properties and this is one of the main benefits of this vegetable. Due to this compound, garlic can help cure many medical issues and ailments. Consuming it on a regular basis is a good way to avoid many conditions.

2. It Loaded with Nutrients which are Essential for the Body

Garlic is loaded with a large number of nutrients all of which are highly essential for the body and the health. It consists of manganese, vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Selenium and a lot of fiber.  It also has calcium, copper, potassium, vitamin B1 and phosphorus. Each of these nutrients offers some benefits to the body.

3. Garlic Helps to Combat Common Cold and Other Sicknesses

Having garlic on a regular basis is also known to boost immunity and thus helps you fight common cold.  A study suggested and proved that daily garlic supplementation reduced cold by 63%.

4. Active Compounds in it can Reduce Blood Pressure

Garlic has several active compounds which not only help to reduce blood pressure but also hypertension related ailments like cardiovascular diseases. Thus those who have garlic on a regular basis and include it in the diet in good amounts are less at a risk of heart attacks and strokes etc.

5. Garlic Improves the Cholesterol Levels

Another amazing health benefit of garlic is that it is capable of lowering total and LDL cholesterol.  Thus those who suffer from the problem of high cholesterol can do garlic supplementation to deal with the issue. This helps to decrease the possibility of heart conditions as well.

6. It Contains Antioxidants

Garlic has a lot of antioxidants which help to reduce oxidative damage from the free radicals that lead to aging process.  Garlic thus acts as a preventive measure against many age related diseases and disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  It also works against many other brain problems.

7. Garlic can Increase your Longevity

It is said that effects of longevity are almost impossible for humans to achieve but since garlic has many beneficial effects on the health and prevents conditions like high BP, high cholesterol and others which are leading causes of death, it is obvious that it lengthens the life of a human.  It improves immunity, prevents age related conditions and this too contributes to this theory.

HWC Team

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