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Proven Health Benefits of Arugula

proven health benefits of arugula
HWC Team
February20/ 2016

Arugula also known as Garden rocket and Rucola, is one of the nutritious green-leaf vegetable of Mediterranean origin. Arugula is small, low growing herb featuring dandelion like elongated, succulent, lobular leaves. It is a season crop which prefers well-drained, fertile soil and full sunlight to flourish and grows up to 2-3 feet height with creamy white edible flowers and its leaves are ready for harvest within 40 days of sowing the seed. Loaded with health benefits, this vegetable should be included in regular diet.

Top 8 Health Benefits of Arugula

Arugula is a very low calorie vegetable and has many vital phytochemicals, vitamins, beta carotene and several benefits. Here you can have a look at the benefits of Arugula-

Osteoporosis Prevention

Low intake of Vitamin K has been associated with higher risk of bone fracture. Adequate consumption of Vitamin K improves bone strength by acting as a modifier of bone matrix proteins, calcium absorption and reduces urinary discharge of Calcium. Arugula vegetable provides 64 milligrams of calcium in 2 cups of salad.

Cancer Prevention

Eating a large amount of Cruciferous vegetables lowers the risk of cancer like Lung Cancer and Colon Cancer. As per the research sulphur containing compounds in Cruciferous vegetables can fight against Cancer. Arugula contains a little amount of calories, carbohydrates and sodium and it has zero fat or cholesterol.


Green leaves contain good amount of antioxidant which is known as alpha-lipoic acid. Alpha-Lipoic acid has been shown to lower the glucose levels, increases insulin sensitivity and prevent oxidative stress which usually changes in diabetic patients. As per the research Alpha-Lipoic Acid decreases the peripheral neuropathy or autonomic neuropathy in diabetics.

High in Beta Carotene

Arugula contains a high amount of Beta Carotene. An antioxidant helps in prevention of vision related problems including night blindness. It also helps in preventing skin disorder, colds, flu, viruses and chronic infections. It boosts body’s immunity and helps to protect your body from harmful toxins.

Rich in Vitamin K and A

Vitamin K facilitates a human body synthesis of calcium; Arugula rich in this vitamin ensures to protect against brittle bones and promotes skeletal strength. Additionally, it also helps blood to clot. Due to Vitamin A percentage in Arugula, it helps you to maintain good eyesight, soft skin and moist mucous membranes. Its antioxidant properties repels free radicals from harming tissues and cells of the body.

Contains a good level of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is high in Arugula which is a natural anti-oxidant. It protects the human body from scurvy disease and develop resistance against infectious agents.

Metabolic Functions

An Added advantage of Arugula is the presence of B-Complex Vitamins formerly known as Vitamin B. The Vitamin B aids in different cell activities like energy production, fat synthesis, production of red blood cell and many more.

Reduces Weight

The consumption of Arugula has a positive effect on the human body in losing weight. Arugula keeps an individual system balanced and it has many nutritional values.

Arugula is a healthy dietary choice for healthier body and keeps mind clear and focused.

HWC Team

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