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Know about the Health Benefits of Broccoli

know about the health benefits of broccoli
HWC Team
February24/ 2016

The tasty green vegetable broccoli is packed with a bunch of nutrients. It is reputed for its digestive value as well as facilitating the cardiovascular system and the immune system; moreover it has anti-inflammatory and cancer-preventing properties.

It has low sodium and calories count, at about 31 calories per serving besides being a fat-free vegetable thus making it one of the healthiest vegetable that can be incorporated into your diet without any hesitation. It is a common belief that most of the health risks related to life-style could be reduced by integrating fruits and vegetables into your menu at the same time providing you with enough energy.

Some of the health benefits of broccoli are listed below.

A Storehouse of Anti-Oxidants and Phytochemicals

Apart from producing within the body, antioxidants can be assimilated from vegetables in order to neutralize free radicals that cause cell damage in the body and phytochemicals are needed to help the immune system. Broccoli has a rich content of Lutein, Sulforaphane, glucobrassicin, Carotenoids zeaxanthin and beta-carotene. Vitamin C present abundantly in broccoli helps in maintaining a good skin texture too.

Cancer Fighting Ability

The presence of antioxidants in broccoli when consumed facilitates the body in fighting cancer cells present in it. Additionally, its rich folate content decreases the risk of breast, colon, pancreatic and cervical cancers.

Reduces Cholesterol

Broccoli contains soluble fiber that helps to drain out the cholesterol present in our body.

Diminishes all the Allergic Reaction and Redness

Broccoli has some percentages of Omega 3 fatty acids that act as an anti-inflammatory substance. Consumption of broccoli reduces the chances of allergic reactions.

Bone Care

Broccoli has increased level of calcium and vitamin K nutrients essential for our body. These are not only precious for the bone health but also prevent our body from osteoporosis.

Prevention of Heart Diseases

The linings of the blood vessels are often prone to damage by inflammation arising from chronic blood sugar issues. This can be prevented by addition of broccoli in your diet as it acts as a good source of anti-inflammatory properties of sulforaphane.

Helps in Digestion

Broccoli has high content of fiber and is an excellent source of carbohydrate. Thus, it helps in digestion and prevents constipation and overeating. It also helps to maintain low blood sugar. Your stomach lining is kept healthy by eating broccoli. Feeding on broccoli sprouts reduces the level of Helicobacter pylori bacteria to overgrow in your stomach.

Good Source of Protein

Broccoli is also considered to be a better source of protein than many of the foods.

Good for Eyes

Normally we have heard that carrots are good source of food for eyes. Broccoli contains lutein and zeaxanthin that are beneficial for eye protection. These chemicals act as a great protector against macular degeneration that give rise to blurred vision and cataracts which are the popular issues faced from defects caused in the lense of the eyes.

Broccoli retains maximum nutrients when eaten raw, micro-waved, stir fried or steamed. Overcooking or boiling of broccoli makes it lose its nutrients that are much needed to act as anti-cancer preventive substance.

HWC Team

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