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The 7 Most Amazing Health Benefits of Jaggery

amazing health benefits of jaggery
HWC Team
July02/ 2015

Have you ever seen or noticed your grandparents eat jaggery or Gur? Want to know why eating jaggery is beneficial? Well, jaggery is a raw sweet or a sweetening agent which not only tastes good but also has several amazing health benefits.

This yellowish, solid and gooey textured sweetening agent can be directly eaten or can also be added to certain foods for taste. It can also be combined with other items to prepare sweets and is widely used across India.  The following are the seven most amazing health benefits of Jaggery:

1. Purification of Blood

One of the most important health benefits of jaggery is that it helps to purify the blood. It cleans the blood by removing harmful toxins and chemicals.

2. Excellent for Digestion

Another superb health benefit of jaggery or gur is that it is excellent for the digestive system and aids in digestion.  Since it has natural cleansing properties, it helps us get rid of digestive problems like bloating, constipation, acidity etc.  It also removes all toxins from the digestive tract.

3. Has a Cooling Effect on the Stomach

Having a little bit of jaggery every day with water or milk can work well for the stomach since Gur or jaggery has a cooling effect on it.  It maintains or regulates the body temperature and cools it down during the summer season.

4. Prevents Anemia

Another reason why adding jaggery to your diet is a good idea is because it prevents anemia. Being a rich source of iron, Gur can help women, teenagers and pregnant females in keeping away from the deficiency of this important mineral.  One must add it to their diet on a daily basis to experience the maximum benefits.

5. Excellent for the Skin

Besides being good for the stomach and digestive system, jaggery is also very good for the skin.  It reduces marks and lines from the face and makes it glowing and beautiful.  Those who have acne or pimples on their skin are recommended to eat jaggery every day and experience its effect in a matter of a few days.  It leads to flawless and naturally charismatic skin tone.

6. Cures Common Cold and Cough

Most elders and older persons will often tell you to eat jaggery or Gur in order to get rid of common cold or cough. This is because jaggery is an age old remedy that helps to curb the infection and provide relief from cold and cough. Indians often make jaggery ladoos with sesame seeds in them as these ladoos are very good for keeping away from common ailments and improving immunity.

7. Is an Instant Energy Source

Eating even a little bit of jaggery everyday can work wonders for your energy levels. Jaggery acts as an instant energy source and boosts the level of activeness. It is digested and absorbed gradually and this is why it does not raise the blood sugar levels very fast.

HWC Team

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