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6 Health Benefits of Lime you must be Aware of

health benefits of lime you must be aware of
HWC Team
June23/ 2015

Lime is one of the most underrated yet highly beneficial items found in a kitchen. The little yellowish green vegetable is taken for granted by most of us but actually has several amazing benefits and advantages.  Lime is consumed all over the world in the form of cocktails, sorbets, jams, pickles, snacks, candies, etc. But do you know what kind of health benefits it provides, besides its citrus flavor?  If not, keep reading this to know what the health benefits of lemon are:

1. Skin Care

One of the most important health benefits of lime is that it can be very beneficial for our skin, both when applied externally and when consumed orally. It has natural oils which rejuvenate the skin, keep it away from infections and removes dead skill cells. It can cure dandruff, heal bruises and also provides a superbly refreshing experience if added to the bath water.

2. Aids Digestion

Another important benefit of lime is that it aids digestion. It offers a natural acidity which breaks down the flavonoids and other molecules of foods and thus stimulates the digestive system. The use of lime increases the secretion of several digestive juices and acids and thus makes way for a smooth digestive tract.

3. Constipation Relief

Another reason why lime is so beneficial for the health is- it  provides relief from constipation. The acids present in lime help to clear and clean the excretory system and thus offers tremendous relief to those who experience constipation. So, if you experience constipation on a regular basis, then you too can incorporate lime in some form or the other in your diet.

4. Prevents Diabetes

Do you know that lime and other types of citrus fruits are considered great for those suffering from diabetes? Well, lime consists of a high quantity of soluble fibers which help to aid digestion and also monitor the ability of the body to absorb sugars into the bloodstream. This  helps to reduce the spike of sugar levels and prevent diabetes from going bad.  Moreover lime has a low glycemic index which further adds to its benefit.

5. Prevents Heart Disease

Another major benefit of lime is that it helps to prevent heart diseases. What lime does is that it lowers the blood pressure and reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood, which further contribute to the prevention of heart diseases. The soluble fiber in lime also helps to cut down on the vessel’s inflammation which too prevents occurrence of stroke, heart attacks and other heart conditions.

6. Prevents Scurvy

Lime is an effective cure for a disease known as scurvy.  This disease is caused due to the deficiency of vitamin C and can result in several side effects like swollen gums, normal cold symptoms and ulcers on mouth, tongue, etc.  But by incorporating lime to your diet, you can prevent the occurrence of this disease or cure it completely.

Thus, include lime to your daily diet and enjoy its array of health benefits.

HWC Team

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