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How does Brushing your Teeth Affect your Health?

How does brushing your teeth affect your health
HWC Team
August11/ 2015

Brushing teeth is a part of a good hygiene regime and good oral healthcare.  Whether it is a child, an adult or a teenager, brushing is a routine that everyone has to do  in the morning and  before going to bed. Not only does this habit lead to a healthier mouth and strong gums but also a healthier body. If you are wondering why brushing teeth is good for the health, then you can go through the following given points.

Healthy Respiratory Organs

There is a direct relation between brushing teeth and pneumonia or chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD).  There is a disease called periodontal disease which is a bacterial infection that arises from plaque in the tooth. The bacteria develop on plaque and it enters the respiratory tract of a human being. This bacterium then causes pneumonia or COPD. Brushing teeth regularly prevents plaque to develop on the teeth and hence lowers the risk of developing respiratory problems. Thus this is one reason how brushing teeth regularly can be good for the health.

Helps in Weight Loss

Surprised right? Yes, brushing is related to the possibilities of weight loss in a person. Brushing teeth after dinner sends a signal to the brain that eating for the present day is over and now no more food should be allowed.

Therefore, once you brush your teeth, the brain will not allow you to further have more food. Moreover the minty flavor of toothpaste further reduces the urge eating anything. Also, research shows that brushing your teeth thrice a day for minimum two minutes burns more than 3500 calories per year. So to get a slimmer waistline brush your teeth regularly and properly.

Lessens Sexual Issues

A bad breath is obviously a hindrance in any ones sex life. A foul smell from the mouth of the partner will directly affect the sex life of a person. This can only be taken care of by following a good dental regime. Moreover, a research shows that there is a correlation between erectile dysfunction (ED) and gum diseases. It was found that most men suffering from erectile dysfunction also suffered from gum diseases.

Oral bacteria are formed on the teeth when they are not brushed properly. These bacteria then enter the bloodstream and narrow the penile blood vessels. These Penile blood vessels actually help in getting a normal erection. Therefore, to enjoy a good sex life a good dental regime has to be followed regularly.

Better Pregnancy

Some women suffer from swollen gums and bleeding or irritated gums during pregnancy. There is a term used for dental issues in pregnant women called “Pregnancy Gingivitis”. Proper dental regime should be followed by pregnant women to prevent this disease.

Besides the above given there are many other benefits of brushing for your health. So regular brushing not only leads to healthy gums and teeth but ensures overall good health as well.

HWC Team

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