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Top 7 Health Benefits of Dates

top 7 health benefits of dates
HWC Team
December02/ 2015

Dates are one of the healthiest natural foods in the world and the reason behind this is that they are loaded with vital nutrients which are good for health and wellbeing. Not only are dates high in terms of vitamins and minerals but are dry fruits which are good in taste as well.

It is important to incorporate dates in your diet on a daily basis. Dates can be eaten raw, can also be used in many other forms and in different recipes as well. The following are the top 7 wonderful health benefits of dates that you must know about.

1. Good for the Digestive System

One of the main health benefits of dates is that they are great for the digestive system. This is because of the fact that they contain high amount of fiber which stimulates bowel movement and prevents constipation and other related issues. To cure constipation through dates, you can soak them overnight and take them along with water in the morning.

2. Rich in Potassium and Low on Sodium

Dates are packed with high amount of potassium which is good for the nervous system. Also, they are low on the amount of sodium present which again is good for the health. Dates can help to reduce the risk of stroke to some extent due to the presence of potassium and also help to lower the bad cholesterol levels.

3. Have High Iron Content

Another health benefit of dates is that they are loaded with iron and due to this reason they are effective in the prevention and cure of anemia.  Iron determines the oxygen carrying capability of blood since it is a component of hemoglobin inside the red blood cells.

4. Energy and Sexual Stamina Boosters

Due to the presence of natural sugars like fructose and glucose, dates can act as incredible energy and sexual stamina boosters. To make the most of them, soak them in milk and add honey and cardamom to it. Drink this daily for feeling energetic.

5. CanCcure Abdominal Cancer

One of the most incredible health benefits of dates is that they can help to cure abdominal cancer.  Those suffering from abdominal cancer are often recommended to include dates in their diet on a regular basis.

6. Low on Cholesterol and Fat

Another benefit of dates is that they are very low on cholesterol and are also low on the amount of fat present. Thus even their daily consumption does not have any negative effects on the body.  Dates can thus prove to be healthier alternatives to commercial snacks.

7. Dates Help with Weight Gain

It is a fact that dates help with weight gain. For this reason, underweight people are often recommended to eat dates daily so as to add pounds and inches to their overall body weight. Not only do dates help one gain weight in a healthy way but also prove to be useful as far as building strength is concerned.

HWC Team

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