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The Various Health Benefits of Flowers

health benefits of flowers
HWC Team
July13/ 2015

The sight of fresh flowers can brighten and lighten anyone’s mood. The smell of the amazing flowers can fill the senses and provide a feeling (sense) of relaxation and happiness.  From single flowers to an arrangement in a basket, flowers are just one of the loveliest creation of god and a gift of nature.  But did you know that besides the physical beauty, flowers have many positive health and mental benefits as well? If not,  the following health and other benefits of flowers would surprise you:

Emotional Benefits

One of the primary health benefits of flowers is that the lovely blooms can have a strong impact on the emotions and may promote emotional health. Flowers bring about positivity in one’s life and create a happy and relaxing atmosphere, wherever they are placed. They remind us of the way life is colorful in general and that even we must smile and be happy just like them.

Flowers enable us to feel a general sense of wellbeing and it is a fact that people who receive flowers are reported to feel excited and joyous. According to another study, there is a connection between flowers and  family members or friends. Flowers also enhance the emotional wellbeing of a person and create an increase in happiness.

Medicinal Benefits

Flowers have proved to have many healing and medicinal properties.  Roses have several benefits like they ease digestive issues and also promote healing of the liver. Roses are also used a lot in alternative medicine. Dandelion flowers on the other hand can help for the treatment of jaundice and anemia. The infusions made of dandelion flowers have blood purifying flowers as well.

Marigold flowers have antiseptic properties which makes them good as far as healing cuts is concerned.  Also, they  have antifungal properties. The valerian flowers provide relief from tension and migraines and may help to treat insomnia.  This flower also has anxiety relieving properties. Sunflowers too have many health and medicinal properties like treating ulcers, eases menstrual cramping pain, providing relief from sore throat and treating canker sores.

Mental Health Benefits

Besides the emotional benefits, fresh flowers can also have several mental benefits.  Those individuals who view or experience fresh flowers every morning tend to have low levels of anxiety and tend to be much less at a risk of suffering from depression.  Also, according to certain studies, the women who keep fresh flowers in their homes are happier and much less anxious in general.  Flowers can also increase the level of zest and energy towards life for most people.

Aid Sleep

Some flowers when dried can also help aid sleep and one of the most effective examples of this is dried lavender.  This flower is hence also sewn into pillows and bedsheets to enable a person to fallasleep faster and have a sound sleep.  It also helps to ward off mosquitos and moths. Having a good quality of sleep directly impacts our overall health.

HWC Team

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