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Health Benefits of Hugging and Kissing

Health benefits of hugging and kissing
HWC Team
August17/ 2015

Hugging and kissing are the two things that most of us love receiving and giving because they make us feel loved. But you will be surprised to know that both these actions can actually improve your health as well. Yes, that’s right! Hugging and kissing have many health benefits too which just cannot be ignored. To know what these health benefits are, you can go through the following given information.

Release of Oxytocin

Oxytocin is a feel good hormone in the body. It helps you stay connected to your dear ones and also makes you feel good. It is released when someone hugs you and the benefits thus follow. The release of this hormone brings happy thoughts and emotions which can considerably boost our health by decreasing depression and negativity.

Pain Reliever

Oxytocin which is released when we hug or kiss also relieves us from pain. This hormone does not only make you feel better but works just like a massage and acts as a pain reliever. It eliminates the muscular pain and other types of pains as well.

Acts as a De-Stresser

Both hugging and kissing can de-stress your life in the most effective manner. When you are under stress or feel pressure your relationships with your loved ones can go for a toss. Tension and stress can also have a bad effect on your health but a hug or a kiss plays a very important role during this time. It strengthens the bond between two people and also relieves all tension that may have cropped up between the two.  This in turn leads to improving of overall well being and health as well.

Hormone Dopamine

Dopamine is a hormone which is released when you get a sweet hug or a kiss from your desired partner. It helps in increasing the sexual involvement of both the partners and eases the activity in a positive manner. The outcome is very beneficial for both especially if you’ve had a long and tiring day. Sex, in turn is very good for your health and benefits you in many different ways.

Lowers Heart Problems

It’s Oxytocin, which helps in reducing the risk to the heart of your loved ones. A hug or a kiss lowers blood pressure and lowers anxiety which in turn affects the health of the heart in a very positive manner. Thus to improve the heart health of your loved ones give them a hug and a kiss every day.

Kills Social Anxiety

A hug or a kiss also allows you to think in a very positive manner. The optimistic outcome of the so called Oxytocin hormone is that it kills your social anxiety, therefore, you think in a broader perspective and it also improves your vision towards life.

Besides the above given there are many social and emotional benefits of hugging and kissing. So why wait, go and hug and kiss your dear ones for their good health.

HWC Team

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