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The Top 8 Health Benefits of Salt you must know About

The top 8 health benefits of Salt you must know about
HWC Team
September01/ 2015

Salt is one of the main ingredients of  foods without which no dish would taste good or may seem complete. Salt is not only an essential part of cooking but is also something which can be very beneficial for our health. If you think that avoiding salt can benefit your health, then you are mistaken. Moderate amounts of this ingredient does not cause any harm and infact boosts your health in many ways.

8 Reasons why Salt is Good for you

The following are the top 8 health benefits of salt that you must know about:

Blood Sugar Control

One of the main benefits of salt for the health is that it helps to control blood sugar levels and thus proves beneficial for diabetics. What it does is that it controls the insulin sensitivity and a low salt diet can help to increase resistance towards insulin.

Improves Quality of Sleep

Another health benefit of salt is that it can help in improving the overall quality of sleep.  Since salt helps to boost the anti-stress and anti-excitatory qualities by suppressing stress hormones, it increases the overall metabolic rate and helps one to sleep well during the night and even during the afternoon nap times.

Natural Antihistamine

Another major benefit of salt is that it acts as a natural antihistamine and can help you to deal with an allergic reaction or an asthma attack. Thus it is advisable to include salt in your diet on a regular basis as well as in a sufficient quantity.

Lowers Adrenaline Spikes

Another superb health benefit that  salt can offer is that it can help to lower down the adrenaline spikes.  Adrenaline is an important stress hormone and is also necessary but its unexpected spikes can  trouble you. This is where salt comes into the picture and helps to avoid this.

Supports the Function of Thyroid

Salt is also known to reduce the circulation of the stress hormones and thus supports the overall function of thyroid. For example, one of the stress hormones called cortisol works against the thyroid but salt helps to reduce cortisol’s effect.

Supports Hyperosmolarity of Extracellular Fluid

Hyperosmolarity is a condition where there are more solutes present in the extracellular fluids than in the cells and this can help improve metabolic rates of the cells. Salt further helps to support hyperosmolarity.

Maintains Healthy Weight

Consuming salt in moderate levels can  help us maintain a healthy weight through elimination of cortisol and lowering the blood cortisol levels in the body. When cortisol levels are high or imbalanced, they can lead to weight gain.

Balance Hormone Levels

Another major benefit of salt is that it helps to balance the hormones in the body and thus avoid the many health conditions or problems that can be caused due to imbalance.

HWC Team

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