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7 Absolutely Amazing Health Benefits of Olive Oil

absolutely amazing health benefits of olive oil
HWC Team
October17/ 2015

An increasing number of Indians are switching from refined oil and Desi ghee to Olive oil. The reason behind this is pure and simple-olive oil is superb for the health.  There are countless ways in which this oil can improve your health by not just preventing diseases but also curing some.

Olive oil is basically a monounsaturated fat which contains nutrients which are easier for the body to digest as compared to monosaturated fat. Just changing your cooking oil to olive oil can bring you a host of advantages including lowering bad cholesterol, boosting immune system and reducing chances of heart problems. Below given are the top 7 benefits of using olive oil:

1. Protects Against Heart Problems

The number one health benefit of olive oil is that it protects us from various heart problems and diseases. Not only does it lowers the level of bad cholesterol or LDL but also boosts the level of the good cholesterol or HDL. By raising the good cholesterol, it reduces the risk of any kind of coronary problems and diseases.

2. Cancer Fighting Abilities

Another health benefit of olive oil is that it is loaded with many antioxidants which help to fight cancer cells and when combined with other kinds of therapies, it can also destroy the cancer cells completely. Thus including olive oil in your diet will help you to prevent various types of cancer.

3. Fights Diabetes

Olive oil is capable of controlling the blood sugar levels in the body and thus aids in balancing and maintaining of sugar levels.  It is thus helpful in avoiding and fighting diabetes.

4. Helps with Arthritis and Asthma

The monounsaturated fats present in olive oil are easily digested by the body and are infact utilized by it to create anti-inflammatory agents which help to decrease the seriousness of asthma and arthritis in people. This is the reason why doctors recommend people suffering with these problems to switch to olive oil.

5. Aids Healthy Digestion

Another superb health benefit of olive oil is that it helps to promote healthy digestion and hence avoids several types of digestive issues like flatulence, bloating and constipation.  This is because of the fact that this oil consists of magnesium, squalene and cycloartenol which have the ability to reduce the acidity present in the stomach and can help alkalize foods that leave the stomach.

6. Anti-Aging Abilities

Olive oil and especially extra virgin olive oil is loaded with vitamin A and vitamin E and both these vitamins  have the capability of lowering the body’s breakdown of some of the fatty acids. It thus decreases the various signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.  It also helps to avoid the loss of calcium in the bones and thus prevents from many bone problems among adults.

7. Boosts Immunity

Having olive oil on a regular basis in the form of extra virgin oil or when used as a cooking oil can help promote overall health and immunity and is thus highly recommended.

HWC Team

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