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8 Wonderful Health Benefits of Onion

8 wonderful health benefits of onion
HWC Team
November19/ 2015

You may cry while cutting onions but in truth, onions are nothing to cry about. On the contrary, onions provide many benefits which can actually put a smile on your face. These little lovely looking vegetables are packed with nutrients that can prove to be very beneficial for your health and can also treat certain medical conditions.  Not only are they full of vitamin C but also phytochemicals and flavonoids. Onions are healthy both in raw and in cooked form and the following is a list of the 8 most wonderful health benefits:

1. Good for Heart Health

One of the best health benefits of onions is that they are great for the heart health. They help to lower blood pressure and also the risk of heart attack.  The sulfur contained in it acts as a natural blood thinner and thus prevents the blood platelets from aggregating.

2. Anti Inflammatory in Nature

Another health benefit of including onions in your diet is that it acts as an anti inflammatory agent. The quercetin present in onions relaxes the airway muscles and thus provides relief from asthma symptoms.

3. Strengthens the Immune System

Onions are full of polyphenols which acts as an antioxidant and thus protects the body against free radicals.  By doing so, it strengthens the immune system and reduces allergic reactions by stopping the body from producing histamines.

4. Protects Against Cancer

Quercetin is also a powerful anti cancer agent which inhibits the cancer cells in colon, breast and prostate.  It also works against lung tumors, endometrial and ovarian. For this purpose, yellow onions and shallots are a good option.

5. Aids Digestion

Onions contains lot of fiber which promotes good digestion and prevents digestive issues like bloating, constipation and others. It contains a special type of a fiber called oligofructose that promotes good bacteria growth in the intestines.

6. Regulates Blood Sugar Level

Onions are also packed with chromium which assist in regulating blood sugar whereas the sulfur present in them help to lower the blood sugar which is done by triggering increased insulin production.  Research has shown that people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes who ate red onions showed lower glucose levels for about 4 hours.

7. Bone Density in Older Women

The daily consumption of onions has also proved to improve bone density in women who are going through or have completed their menopause. It is a fact that women who eat onions frequently have about 20% lower risk of hip fracture than those who never eat them. Thus adding onions to your diet on a day to day basis is a good advice for older females.

8. Provides Relief from Burning Sensation

Another benefit of onions is that they provide immediate relief from burning sensation. Thus if one gets stung by a honeybee, then applying onion juice on the affected area can provide quick relief. This also works in the case of hot burns.

Thus include onions in your daily diet and enjoy numerous health benefits.

HWC Team

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