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Top 6 Health Benefits of Probiotic Yogurt

top 6 health benefits of probiotic yogurt
HWC Team
May05/ 2016

Probiotics are nothing but good bacterial strains that benefit your body. Probiotic Yogurt aids you to handle pain, distress and other health issues effectively. In the normal classical yogurt you can get the vital lactose component that aids in digestion; however probiotic ones improve the immune level also.

The white spiked lactose of yoghurt has always been a part of Indian culture and folklores and now probiotic yoghurt are customized in every possible way to reap the benefits – add sugar or brine it; add basils or shrine it; add veggies or fry it; it goes well with every meal plan.

Types of Probiotic Yogurts

When it comes to the variety of probiotic yogurts, it can be blended with flavours, supplement with minerals and cultured with various types of probiotics. The choice is being extended from low-fat to non-fat, light fibre to added fibres, Greek to Swiss, whipped to drinkable and many more.

Health Benefits

The active microorganisms in probiotic yoghurt check the despicable pathogens from dilating in the abdomen. Here are some significant advantages of probiotic yogurt –

Greek Probiotic Yogurt

This kind of yogurt is made by triple straining of yogurt resulting a whey-free, creamier textured concoction which is generally higher in calcium content. It also has a higher protein entity.

Whipped Probiotic Yogurt

The whipping of yogurt product is generally dearer and brawny. This type of yogurt practically has a low protein value and higher levels of sugar. You can make delicious desserts and confectioneries including whipped version of pro yogurt.

Low- Fat, High Protein Probiotic Yogurt

When the lactose is refined and turned to approximate fatless, the aftermath turns out to be a healthier version of yogurt. This type of yogurt is generally higher in calcium content value and fulfils 30 to 50 percent of daily calcium requirement.

Icelandic Probiotic Yogurt

This lusty form of yogurt is creamier and denser and approximately, fat-free. This product is thrice in protein content and twice in calcium content, of the traditional made yogurt. A choicest substitute of cream cheese is this kind of probiotic yoghurt.

Kefir Probiotic Yogurt

Women’s health buddy, a creamy and sharply diluted yogurt which is a richer source of Vitamin-B and calcium. It has a higher protein value than the traditional yogurt. The process includes Kefir grains, which are used to ferment lactose.

Non-Fat Plain Probiotic Yogurt

Made with farm-fresh biotic milk and living species, it is a healthy and delish form of probiotic yogurt. The perfect creamy and dense textured yogurt is high in protein and can be flavoured with variety of extracts like kiwi, vanilla, strawberry etc.

Probiotic yogurt is an embraced dairy product with nutrients which serves the nutritive requirements of people who are engaged with their busy life. It can be matched and teamed with any kind of delicacies, be it rice or chapattis or sandwich. These yoghurts can also be made into smoothies and other nutritious drinks for all ages and a perfect natural coolant for the summers.

HWC Team

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