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6 Health Benefits of a Rocking Chair

what are the various health benefits of a rocking chair
HWC Team
December25/ 2015

We live in a world where technology has over taken everything and every field. But there are few things which still haven’t lost their touch or gone ‘high-tech’. One of them is the age-old rocking chair.

A rocking chair isn’t just a soothing and comfortable piece of furniture but is something which can help you improve your health.  It boosts your overall well being and it is recommended that everyone must have one at home.  The following are some of the health benefits of having a rocking chair.

1. Increases Well Being of Patients Suffering from Dementia

It is a fact that rocking chair therapy can increase the psychological well being of people suffering from dementia.  The rocking motion of the chair causes a release of endorphins which in turn can be responsible for elevating the mood of the patients. This motion also relieves them of any pain that they may be having and thus offers many benefits.

2. Increases Balance

Another health benefit of a rocking chair is that it can help one maintain and increase their overall body balance. The motion of rocking stimulates the body to maintain balance and this further result in better balancing abilities.  This is especially important and true for older people who may face balance related issues.

3. Improves Muscle Tone

Another benefit of a rocking chair is that it can tone the leg muscles for those who cannot engage themselves in weight bearing exercises.  Rocking is a safe activity for older individuals to gain leg strength and for those who are used to a sedentary lifestyle.  It obviously cannot match strength training exercises like lifting weights but is still a good option.

4. Eases Back Pain and Arthritis

Rocking chair also offers the benefit of relieving back pain. The motion of rocking front and back can prevent pain signals from travelling to the brain. Reports and studies have also suggested that rocking can improve pain which happens due to arthritis and it is recommended that those with arthritis or back pain must sit on the chair for a few minutes every day.

5. Soothes Symptoms of Colic

Rocking motion of a rocking chair mimics the movement of a baby inside the womb of a mother. Thus rocking a baby who is suffering from colic tends to reduce the crying episodes and may lead to a better sleep.  Infact those babies who may not have colic too can benefit and may experience a restful sleep after a rocking motion.

6. Decreases Need for Medication

Rocking can cause a reduction in anxiety and depression among senior individuals.  It can lead to a reduction in anxiety, stress and other such conditions.  Thus it decreases need for medication to these ailments and also reduces their harmful side effects thereafter.  Thus rocking chair is a better option to find relief from depression and stress and thus a relief from the harmful side effects of medications.

So if you do not have a rocking chair at home, get one and enjoy its array of health benefits.

HWC Team

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