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Blood Groups and the Various Associated Health Risks

Blood groups and the various associated health risks
HWC Team
July31/ 2015

To improve your health and avoid certain health conditions, you can change your diet, work on your fitness but there is nothing that you can do to change the blood type or blood group that you have. Our blood groups are determined by the microscopic substances that we inherit from our parents and other family members.  These tiny things live on top of the red blood cells and interact with our immunity systems.

This interaction can make us prone to certain health diseases and keep us away from others.  So the kind of health conditions that you are likely to suffer from may be greatly dependent upon your blood group. The following is some more information about the various health risks that are associated with the blood group you have.

Memory Issues

If you are someone who has blood group AB then you may have an increased risk of cognitive impairment. Older people with AB blood group are more at a risk of problems with learning, remembering and other memory related things. They may have a weaker cognitive performance and may be more prone to developing thinking problems in later stages of life.

Stomach Cancer

If your  blood group is AB then the risk of suffering from stomach cancer also increases by about 26% as compared to those who have blood groups O or B. Infact if you have blood group A then even in that case, your risk of suffering from stomach cancer is about 20% more than blood group B or O. This may be because of a type of bacteria called H.Pylori. While presence of this bacteria in the gut is common, those who have AB blood group may be more at a risk.


The same bacteria that cause stomach cancer can also lead to ulcers, especially in the case of those who have either blood group A or AB. Having any one of these blood groups can change the way the body’s immune system responses to the bacteria and this may be the reason behind the risk of ulcers.

Pancreatic Cancer

If you are someone who has blood group O, then you may just feel a little luckier than ever before. People with this blood group are about 37% less at a risk of developing pancreatic cancer as compared to other blood groups.  This too is a result of the presence of a bacteria called H.Pylori.

Heart Disease

Another health condition or disease which is associated with blood group or blood type is heart diseases. If you have blood group O then you may be at a lower risk of  heart diseases by about 23% as compared to other types of blood groups.  Infact, people with Blood types AB or A are at the highest risk of heart diseases.  Certain blood groups, according to certain studies are associated with higher chances of inflammation which can further lead to the risk of heart diseases.

HWC Team

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