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The Best Home Remedies to Treat Winter Dry Skin

the best home remedies to treat winter dry skin
HWC Team
February16/ 2016

As soon as the winter knocks on the door, most of us start experiencing dry hands, chapped lips and dry facial skin. Not only does this make the skin look unhealthy but under moisturized. Dry skin can truly be a little irritating especially when you need to keep applying the lotion again and again.  But rather than doing so, there are many amazing home remedies that you can try to keep your moisturized naturally. The following are some of the best home remedial solutions to treat winter dry skin.

Avocado and Papaya

You can make a paste using banana, papaya and an avocado.  This wonderful mixture can easy be made at home and can be applied all over the face. It can be left for about 15 minutes and then washed off to experience naturally moist, nourished and supple skin. Papaya has long been known for its benefits for the skin whereas avocado is a wonder food.


Whether you have tanned skin or dryness on the skin during the winter months, cucumber can prove to be a great remedy. Cucumber not only lightens the skin tone but also moisturizes the skin well. What you can do is that you can take some flesh out of the cucumber and make a paste. Apply this paste on your face and leave it there for about 30 minutes.  Do this twice a week of supple skin.

Rose and Honey

Honey is a wonderful natural blessing which has amazing benefits for the skin.  Its application in the right way can do wonders for dry skin during winter months.  To use honey with rose water, what you can do is that you can mix 1 tablespoon of honey with the same quantity of rose water and apply the mixture on your face and neck. This proves to be a wonderful pack which cleanses tones and moisturizes your skin, all at once.

Olive Oil for Skin

Olive oil consists of not just vitamin E but also Vitamin K which gives your skin the much needed protection and moisturization during the winter months.  You can mix olive oil with 1 egg yolk and apply it all over your face, arms and legs on a regular basis for soft and supple skin.  If you cannot find olive oil, then you can also use coconut oil or almond oil as well. It provides instant relief from flaky skin and maintains its elasticity.

Aloe Vera Gel

Another home remedy that you can try to deal with winter dry skin is using aloe vera gel. Take an aloe vera leaf and squeeze out some gel from it.  This gel can be applied on the face, the arms and even the feet after taking a shower. It works as a natural moisturizer and leaves the skin feeling supple and moisturized throughout the day. Applying it everyday can help you see a significant change in the texture of your skin as it removes flakiness.

HWC Team

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