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Why Hugging is Important for your Health?

why hugging is important for your health
HWC Team
January05/ 2016

A hug has a lot of power, a mere hug from a loved one uplift your mood if you are down, and additionally, hugging brings a host of health benefits. Hugging showcases the feeling of love and affection and also provides emotional support and strengthens confidence.

Hugs can be of different types – from your spouse, mother, friends, a well wisher, siblings or even from pets; but the feeling is usually the same for all – a hug is a warm and wanted gesture indeed. Hugging can bring wonderful effects to your health as well in long run and should be done regularly to the person you genuinely care. Here are some of the scientifically proved health benefits of hugging –

Can Fight Common Cold and Flu

Hugging, when you are stressed out helps in dealing with common cold and flu. If you are prone to stress-induced vulnerability to viral infection, hugging will surely be effective. Many studies have been conducted to prove this fact and all positively say that hugging can lower the chances of cold, flu, and related symptoms of sickness.

Develops Immune System

While hugging a person, you will have to exert pressure on the sternum (breastbone), where an emotional charge come up and activates the solar plexus chakras stimulating the thymus gland. The thymus gland controls the production of WBCs (white blood cells) to keep you healthy. Thus, hugging also controls the regulation of WBCs indirectly.

Natural Stress Reliever

Hugs mean conveying support, love and affection. Frequent hugs have effectively reduces stress levels – this is a proven incident in many case studies. The delirious effects of stress like panic attacks, anxiety and depression are also reduced by hugs.

Lowers Blood Pressure Levels

While hugging, the hormone of oxytocin levels goes up. This hormone again reduces the levels of cortisol in the body, and thus lowers the levels of blood pressure. Pacinian corpuscles is a kind of pressure receptor on the skin that gets activated when someone hugs you and then sends signal to the nerves in the brain to lower blood pressure.

Helps in Weight Loss

Studies have stated that frequent hugging all through the day can approximately burn 12 calories; thus every time you are hugging someone you can lose calories.

Relax Muscles

Hugging can release tension in the body as it combats pain and improves blood circulation. It also increases blow flow in the soft tissues and relaxes tensed muscles. By relieving mental stress, hugging keeps your overall health and muscle activity prompt.

Enhances Memory and Brain Health

While embracing, a hormone named oxytocin is released into the blood stream that improves memory power. It reduces tension and also stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. This activity helps you to maintain a proper balance between calmness and activeness.

In brief, hugging is good for your health because it releases the very essential hormone oxytocin (also called “the cuddle hormone”), which is a neuropeptide, promoting the feeling of bonding, trust and devotion. Thus, very logically it does have a strong biological foundation and connects one person to another.

Hugging is good for your heart, mind, soul and overall well being. Adults are greatly benefitted by hugging, as studies say that it can even cure most of the psychological disturbances that arise due to anxiety, insomnia, depression, old age, ignorance, separations and many more kinds of stress. However, baby hug is a newer concept in the world of paediatrics and kids are believed to get better development of mental and physical health due to hugging from tender age.

HWC Team

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